Transformation in Banking & Wealth Management

Groundbreaking upheavals in the banking business

Groundbreaking upheavals in the banking business

Wealth management has experienced profound changes: client behaviour and expectations have evolved, new regulations appear constantly, and digital banking has brought new opportunities but also created new risks. You will need to carefully analyse how your business creates value, and then adapt to meet these changes. This will ensure your business is securely positioned in the market for the future.

We are happy to assist you with this extensive transformation. We will adopt a 360-degree perspective to help you identify your strengths and systematically implement your strategy. Thanks to our comprehensive banking sector expertise, we can cover all the value-creating areas of your business.

We bring not only extensive industry expertise and a profound understanding of your profession – we can also offer a comprehensive review of your business from a neutral-expert perspective. From analysis and planning through to strategic implementation, we can support you with our knowledge and practical experience. As a result, you’ll see more, understand more, and achieve more.

The benefits of working with PwC

Because of our daily dialogue with banks, we can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products and advisory services. Our proximity to your industry is reflected in the studies we've completed with our clients, such as 'UBS Billionaires Census 2014' and 'Swiss Champions'. We can use this accrued experience to help you design products, decide the best channels to deploy, and determine how to integrate them for greater business efficiency.

Our banking transformation services

Strategic positioning

Changing consumer needs, the globalisation of information and an increasingly consolidated private banking market - the challenges are numerous. We can help you to cope with them by finding the optimum positioning for your business. You can rely on our strategic expertise and long-standing knowledge of your industry.

Increased operational efficiency

Thanks to our regulatory expertise, we can help you align your business processes to new requirements such as MiFID II or AIA, whilst continuing to provide a client-friendly service. This will make your customer relationships more profitable, and provide purposeful answers to questions about acquisitions, insourcing and outsourcing, and IT design.

Banking cultural change

Few service providers rely on the quality of their people to the extent that you do. Your employees hold the key to one of the greatest secrets of success: trust. If you want your banking business to change, you must also change your corporate culture. Our change specialists can support you.


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