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Sustainable Finance

A strategic advantage for the benefit of the environment, society and economy alike

Sustainable development requirements have arrived on the agenda of the financial services sector

  • Clients and society are asking for them.
  • Legislation demands them.
  • Standard-setters require them.

Society understands the financial services sector as an enabler and contributor to a sustainable future. Banks, insurers, private equity, impact investors, pension funds, family offices and other market players are seen as key drivers in financing and realising the transformation to a sustainable economy.

The actors in the sector have understood that they need to face the challenges that arise when incorporating these requirements into their practices. It leads to institutions being forced to cope with issues and questions that are complex, require an integrated approach and generate evolving responsibilities.

Society and legislators are transforming their demands

Sticking with the status quo is not an option anymore. Growth needs to become inclusive, common values need to be shared and transparency must be provided to explain the impacts that the business has on environmental, social and governance-related risks and opportunities. The legislative pressure on the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies and processes is growing every day. Regulators around the world are heavily involved in shaping the sustainability agenda. The EU has already enacted new ambitious legislation to support EU-wide sustainable growth and a more sustainable financial system. Further proposals and measures are planned with the goal of further reinforcing the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Similar developments are also expected in Switzerland.

Our approach to enabling you to understand and manage sustainable finance opportunities

Becoming an organisation that is fully equipped to find and make sustainable investments is demanding. The inclusion of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in an investment process is new. Practical questions we often hear are:

  • How can we ensure the adherence to current and future regulations and standards we are committed to?
  • How can we define strategic ambitions?
  • How can we ensure that risks do not hamper the financial returns?
  • How can we find our way through definitions, different labels and quality marks?
  • How should we understand, evaluate and manage ESG risks and opportunities?
  • How shall we define responsible goals and incentives for profitable growth?
  • What are we meant to measure, monitor and report, and how?
  • How can we operationalise a sustainable mindset throughout the entire organisation?

To enhance strategy, unlock value and build trust we will have a constructive, transparent dialogue with you and your stakeholders. We help you by:

  • providing a dedicated team of local and international experts
  • applying an integrated approach across the different areas of expertise (e.g. legal, risks, customer-centricity, strategy, processes) needed
  • relying on the experiences gained resulting from various projects and clients’ best practices.

Our services

Our services are designed for all actors in the financial services market. We enable you to navigate the complexities of mapping opportunities and risks relating to sustainability by:

Ensuring compliance and considerations resulting from regulatory developments and strategic aspirations

We review and assess the regulatory requirements while utilising the opportunities of sustainable finance impacting your business.

Mainstreaming sustainable finance

We support you in integrating sustainable finance into traditional investment processes, from strategy to execution, by identifying ESG risks and formulating and implementing responsible investment strategies and policy development.

Operationalising and implementing sustainable finance

We help you operationalise comprehensive, responsible portfolio management, appropriate risk management processes and a customer-centric organisation.


Ensuring quality and building trust through transparency

We support you in ensuring adherence to internal and external reporting practices and requirements.

Unlocking new opportunities and cost-efficient digital tooling

We provide you with our data-driven tooling and products that screen your portfolio, evaluate the risk exposure and allow fully-fledged monitoring and reporting of these.


Being a partner and accompanying you through the entire sustainable finance value chain

Sharing our knowledge with you and guiding you through the ongoing developments with a view to regulatory changes, stakeholder expectations and evolving standards.

Contact us

Christophe Bourgoin

Christophe Bourgoin

Partner, Investor Reporting and ESG Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 25 37

Dr. Antonios  Koumbarakis

Dr. Antonios Koumbarakis

Head Sustainability & Strategic Regulatory, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 45 23

Marc Lehmann

Marc Lehmann

Director, Operational Excellence & ESG Transformation Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 26 50