A tsunami of green regulation is sweeping through the finance industry.

The EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance impacts financial service providers and the real economy. The newly introduced EU Taxonomy, which classifies sustainable economic activities, and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which provides guidance for determining the greenness of financial products, must be taken into account when classifying your PRIIP according to ESG criteria (ESG PRIIP). Taken as a whole, these regulations have a major role to play in greening the financial market. The PRIIPs Regulation already requires that any applicable ESG information must be included in the ‛What is this product’ section of the KID.

To ensure consistency and transparency and to counteract greenwashing, the ESG information for a PRIIP must be disclosed in the KID, with reference to the EU Taxonomy and SFDR requirements.

Regulatory background

Regulatory background

Article 8 (4) of the consolidated PRIIPs Regulation requires the disclosure of ESG information. Such information must be consistent with Art. 8 (light green) and Art. 9 (dark green) of the SFDR for financial products.

Our dedicated services

Our sustainable finance and regulatory experts offer you support in the review of your current PRIIPs KIDs and drafting of new ESG PRIIPs KIDs. Both services include a benchmark analysis.

PRIIPs KIDs GAP assessment

  • KIDs for investment products
  • KIDs for insurance-based investment products
  • KIDs for multi-option products

ESG PRIIPs KIDs review

  • Review of ESG PRIIPs KIDs, or
  • Review and drafting of ESG PRIIPs KIDs

Benchmark analysis

  • Peer group manufacturers
  • KIDs for PRIIPs produced by peers

Our approach

Our experts carry out a GAP assessment and benchmark analysis and provide you with a to-the-point final report with close-the-GAP actions and advice on how to achieve the benchmark. Our structured three-step approach ensures a quick and comprehensive assessment of your KIDs. Of course, drafting an ESG KID from scratch requires more time.

Timeline - approximately 1-2 weeks

Why you should call us

With our broad implementation experience regarding PRIIPs, SFDR and the EU Taxonomy, we can design individualised reviews that ensure your KIDs are up to date and work with you to draft an ESG PRIIPs KID, if needed.

Please see our dedicated service offering for the ESG PRIIPs KID review. Let us do the regulatory work, so that you can focus on your core business.

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