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Welcome to the Asset and Wealth Management video and podcast series, the ultimate guide to the latest insights and trends every week in three minutes. Our experts across the globe will cover topics in the industry to give you the 360° perspective of the most pressing topics that the industry is currently facing.

The experts will have a look on the main asset classes such as traditional funds / ETF, HF/PE and Real Estate / Infrastructure, with always the same objectives:

  • Keeping you posted on the latest trends and how the industry, already grappling with fee competition, rising costs and consolidation, will navigate post COVID-19
  • Sharing insights and market views from PwC specialists across the globe on topics such as PE valuation in times of COVID-19, why we believe ESG would matter even more post COVID-19, how can COVID-19 be an opportunity to reduce cost and many other matters that are close to you.

Episode 7 - "Back to the office" regulatory update for asset managers

This week on our AWM video and podcast series the PwC experts Dr. Jean-Claude Spillmann (Director, Head AWM and Banking Regulatory) and Erol Baruh (Legal Counsel, Regulatory & Compliance Specialist) give us a "back to the office" regulatory update. The Financial Services Act and the Financial Institutions Act have a major impact on the Swiss regulatory landscape for the AWM industry. In particular, many asset managers and trustees are expected to apply in the next months for a FINMA license for the first time. In order to ensure a timely and efficient implementation, the experts tell you the answers to the most important questions you need to consider.

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Would you like to learn more about this topic? Feel free to download our presentation "Gestionnaires de fortune externes et LEFIN" (french only).

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Dr. Jean-Claude Spillmann

Director, Head Asset & Wealth Management and Banking Regulatory, Legal, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 43 94


Erol Baruh

Assurance Senior Manager - Regulatory & Compliance Specialist, Geneva, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 91 62


Episode 6 - Is COVID-19 an opportunity to reduce cost in the asset management value chain?

During the first half year of 2020 there was a broad decline on earnings of asset managers. Costs became top of the agenda of Swiss Asset Managers, but what is changing with COVID-19? In this week's AWM video Utz Helmuth Director and Member of the Management Team at Strategy& will discuss strategies to master this challenge.

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Utz Helmuth

Strategy& Director, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 31 59


Episode 5 - Why is Liechtenstein attracting assets in these turbulent times?

The Principality of Liechtenstein is as much affected by the COVID-19 crisis as any other country. However, Liechtenstein has no national debt, therefore the economic damage to the country will be limited compared to other countries. But how is Liechtenstein’s asset management industry affected? And why is Liechtenstein attracting assets in these turbulent times? This and other questions will be answered in this weeks AWM video by Claudio Tettamanti, Martin Meyer and Simon Bandi from PwC Liechtenstein.

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Claudio Tettamanti

Market Leader Liechtenstein, Leader Family Business & Middle Market, Vaduz, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 74 46


Martin A. Meyer

Partner, Leader Tax, Liechtenstein, PwC Liechtenstein

+41 58 792 42 96


Simon Bandi

Director, Asset Management, Zürich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 23 93


Episode 4 - Implications of COVID-19 on Private Equity Investors

Why is the COVID-19 crisis impacting the PE industry and how is it different to the 2008 crisis? As the COVID-19 situation leads to a crisis in the "real economy", the PE industry may be affected more significantly than in 2008 in the industry sectors that are suffering especially from the lockdown measures. Watch this weeks AWM video or podcast to hear our PwC experts Adrian Keller, Maja Baiocco and Dimitri Senik that talk about on what issues the PE investors should be alerted to. 

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Adrian Keller

Partner and Leader Audit for Blockchain, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 23 09


Maja Baiocco

Assurance Partner, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 42 63


Dimitri Senik

Leader Investor Trust Services, Zürich, PwC Switzerland

+41 79 686 83 62


Episode 3 - How asset and wealth managers can become more client-centric

Clear client segmentation is key to survive nowadays within the asset and wealth managed industry. Especially in times of COVID-19, it’s important to understand the client's needs and create a personalised experience for them. In this week's episode, Marcel Tschanz and Nadia Mouzo share their thoughts on how asset and wealth managers should be more client-centric, in order to differentiate themselves from others.

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Dr. Marcel Tschanz

Partner Advisory, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 20 87


Nadia Mouzo

Financial Services Consultant, Zürich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 42 47


Episode 2 - Why ESG matters even more in a post COVID-19 world

Will a post-pandemic world be less sustainable? Will ESG become even more important after the crisis? This and other questions will be answered in the second episode of Stephan Hirschi. In the video and podcast he will talk about how the regulation is still evolving and why you have to monitor these developments, how important is is to define ambitions that allow to remain competitive in the market, and how ESG also needs to become a key element in building trust towards your clients and stakeholders overall. ESG remains a key element in the financial services sector to be considered now in a COVID-19 world and in the future.

Enjoy the podcast or read our article to find out more.

Stephan Hirschi

Director, Sustainability Leader, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 27 89


Episode 1 - Real estate implications

In this first episode Marie Seiler and Raffael Simone talk about COVID-19 - Real estate implications and industry insights. Even when the overall effects of the crisis are still difficult to estimate and the associated feeling of uncertainty is impacting the real estate market, there is one topic that our real estate clients keeps busy – cash collection. Even lock-down is over, this topic will not disappear and the insecurity about it’s long-term impact is still here. On the other side, there are several capital increases planned for the next couple of months, which gives positive signs on the upcoming market activity.

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Marie Seiler

Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 56 69


Raffael Simone

Assurance Director, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 23 82


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