Asset and Wealth management

Recognise and exploit new developments in the funds market

We help you enable to develop new opportunities

Within asset management, accounting and tax rules are becoming more complex and regulations more stringent. At the same time, many investors are unsettled and are demanding more security and transparency. These requirements place significant limitations on asset management. Our support will enable you to develop new opportunities and thus secure your company's prospects and financial future.

What we do for clients

  • Assistance with national and international tax matters
    We provide advice on all tax matters. This includes tax reporting as well as questions about deductions at source, value added tax, and tax on financial transactions.
  • Assistance with a fund launch
    Developing a strategy for market entry, questions about legal or regulatory provisions, or strategies for revenue growth: whatever your concerns, we are here to support you and offer comprehensive advice on all topics.
  • Real estate market advice
    Are you planning a real estate venture? We can help you find the right investment strategy and develop a sustainable funding model. We can also help you apply the appropriate accounting standards correctly.
  • Retail Funds & ETF Support
    We can support you in the acquisition of licenses, check your investment processes, perform analyses, and advise you on risk management. We can also work with you to source suitable IT systems and support their implementation.

Our expertise

Retail Funds & ETF

Whether its for Investment Funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), we support managers of mutual funds and exchange-traded index funds.

As a fund manager you want to weather the storm of regulatory initiatives and meet the increasing demands of investors and other stakeholders. Therefore, you will need to develop a more flexible business model. Our experts in Investment Funds and Exchange Traded Funds can support you, so you can continue to focus on important transaction decisions.

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Alternative Funds

What do you need to consider when you launch a new fund? How you can place low-risk products with excellent potential in the market and still comply with all relevant rules and regulations? Which jurisdiction is best suited to the creation of a new fund? How do you gain the trust and confidence of investors?

We are happy to work with you to find answers to all these questions. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer advice on all kinds of alternative investment funds as well as audit and tax matters. We can consult with our global network to find the most suitable type of fund for your product.

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Real Estate

How will your capital requirements increase in the light of Basel III and Solvency II? How will inflation-linked rents affect your real estate funds? How do the numerous overvaluations on the international market impact upon real estate transactions in Switzerland? Should you outsource, sell or lease property? What are the reporting implications of ongoing changes in cantonal tax regulations and international standards ?

Don't risk compromising your financial footing in real estate investments. We are here to help with all kinds of real estate matters.

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Investment Performance Services

Investment managers are facing various challenges in the current environment. Clients and stakeholders increasingly demand transparent presentation of investment performance and risks and assurance of the investment management process. Compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) has become a requirement of institutional investors selecting investment managers, and is also gaining increasing acceptance in private banking and alternative investments. Regulators are paying increasing attention to investment risk management.

The "Investment Performance Roundtable" is an independent forum for investment performance specialists in Switzerland, which has the following objectives:

  • sharing of experience
  • discussion of practical problems relating to investment, performance, analysis, and attribution
  • discussion of developments and perspectives.

The round table is sponsored by PwC and the Swiss Bankers Association.

If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact us:

Dimitri Senik, Head of Swiss Investment Performance
Tel: +41 58 792 23 72

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