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Find out how our regulatory and records management expertise can support you in your digital transformation journey

Where are you in your regulatory and data transformation journey?

Today banks and insurance companies are confronted with regulatory requirements and need to transform on multiple fronts for:

  • Data protection and privacy
  • Data management, data migrations and records retention
  • Digital transformation/digital banking and a next point digital ID
  • Increasing transparency and infrastructure regulations such as SRDII
  • Market-Watch
  • Data governance and lineage
  • Operational Resilience

You can leverage PwC’s extensive experience in regulatory transformation services with a data focus. With our support, you can increase efficiency and digitalisation across key processes in the area of records and data management, while ensuring compliance with key regulatory requirements.

Our services

Our services are designed for all actors in the financial services market. We enable you to navigate through the complexities of regulation, data requirements and the digital ID universe.

We can support you in finding the answers to these and many other questions, so that you can understand where you are now with your regulatory and data transformation journey, where you should arrive, and how you can get there.

  • Where do we stand in terms of compliance with current and upcoming regulations?
  • Do we know which regulations are applicable to our organisation, when to act and which processes to implement?
  • How well is our data managed? Do we have clear data governance and operational data ownership?

  • What personal data do we process, and in which applications and systems?
  • Do we know where data is stored within the organisation?
  • Do we know what data we archive? Do we make sure that archived data are no longer stored in applications?
  • Do we have automated deletion capabilities for adhering to retention periods? Have we considered legal hold?
  • Do we have a deletion capability for applications, archives and storage units, for adhering to data subject rights and data protection officer requests?

  • What are our current plans and strategic orientation regarding digital ID and digital signature?
  • What is our company’s role in the digital identity ecosystem?
  • Can we turn compliance with regulations into a competitive advantage?

  • Can we meet our customers’ expectations for availability and servicing?
  • Are we equipped to defend ourselves against the increasing sophistication of external and cyber threats?
  • Are we prepared for the impact of the increasing frequency of severe weather and natural disasters? And now, the threats posed by pandemic disease?
  • Do we meet the current requirements of the regulators and what do we need to prepare for upcoming expectations?

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