Customer Centric Transformation

Work more profitably by building better relationships with your customers

Happy people make a profitable business

The figures send a clear message: if you want to become more profitable, concentrate on building relationships with the customers who are willing to pay for a better experience. And if you want to create a better customer experience, focus on the people who’ll be providing it: your employees.

There’s plenty of great digital technology around to enable you to transform your customers’ experience – and PwC will help you adopt it. But in our work with clients we’ve found that if you want to achieve successful front office transformation, implementing technology (T) isn’t enough. You also have to apply your business change (B) and people experience (X) savvy to make sure the tech’s deployed in the right places and your staff are motivated to use it. That’s when real transformation happens: when technology, business and people harmonise to create a better experience for everybody.

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The secret to successfully transforming the front office 

Companies are undertaking major projects to transform their front office business processes (FOT). We surveyed more than 700 senior leaders, across a range of industries and countries, to hear about their direct experience with transforming the way they interact with their customers. What makes it a success?

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What we do

That’s why we at PwC have built a special Customer Centric Transformation capability. We look at your needs and bundle our global expertise and resources to create a solution that precisely addresses the technology, business and people experience (BXT) aspects of the transformation you’re trying to achieve. 


Customer Strategy

Understand and segment your market, hone your processes, and get all the channels working together.

Customer Experience

Create an experience that the very best customers will be willing to pay a premium for.

Growth Hacking

Develop a growth hacking strategy and digital marketing approach that take you to new levels of growth.


Sales & Digital Commerce

Boost your digital sales and execution capabilities, and implement winning CRM solutions.

Data & Analytics

Embrace your consumer data superpowers and business intelligence for opportunities you haven’t even dreamed of.


Implement your Salesforce project end to end with our global network of Salesforce-certified experts.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Be compliant, minimise the risks, and maximise the opportunities of your digital operations.

People & Organisation

Take your organisation to new levels of excellence and performance with cutting-edge ideas and innovation.

«Today you give your customers what they want. Tomorrow you’ll be giving them what they need.»

Peter Kasahara, Partner and Leader PwC Digital and Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

Smart BXT approach makes your customer centric transformation work

Transform your customer centricity. Together with us.

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