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Customer Centric Transformation

Improve your customer relationships – grow your business.

It’s all about putting the customer at the core of your business. Show your customers how important they are by providing them unique, tailor-made and seamless experiences along all touch points on their customer journey. Whatever your transformation journey looks like and whatever stage you’re at, we are here to help.

Happy people make a profitable business

Customer Centric Transformation involves new strategies, processes and technology – from marketing and sales to pricing, distribution and services. With our full suite of strategy-led, data-driven and technology-supported solutions, you can lift your customer engagement activities to a new level. Our experience shows, however, that technology is not enough: the magic of your customer-centric approach only unfolds if you get the mix of business change and people engagement right so that the technology will be embraced by your people to make a difference. Real transformation happens when technology, business and people unite to create a better experience for everybody. 

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Customer Centric Transformation

Customer Centric Transformation Stories

Our own marketing transformation

Why should you trust us? Because we have been through the same experience ourselves. We share our own marketing transformation story from the the past few years, where we significantly invested in a fully integrated digital ecosystem and repositioned our market engagement. 

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Elaboration of a customer growth strategy

To actively generate growth, you need to have a customer growth strategy based on your customers’ needs. We share how we supported an international pharmaceutical company to master specific challenges and to expand in Europe.

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Build a better relationship with your customers

We offer five core services to support your customer-centric transformation and fine-tune your customer relationships. For us, Customer Centric Transformation is not only about helping you transform your front office and put your customers centre stage; it’s also about enabling you to master all dimensions of your digital transformation. For this purpose, we have five enablement solutions.

Our core services

Design your customer journey to growth

In collaboration with you, we develop value-generating customer strategies based on your customers’ needs. We underpin your strategies with analytics, and design buyer journeys that align with your customers’ core brands and values. This leads to a clear win-win situation: not only do your customers’ businesses grow, but yours becomes more profitable as well. 

What you get:

  • tailor-made commercial strategy
  • commercial operating model
  • new business model
  • customer interactions with responsible AI

Address your target group personally

You know what your customers want. But do you also know what they need? Intelligent data-driven marketing is much more than technology – it combines audiences, data, budget, and creativity into an orchestrated customer experience and a closed loop campaign. We help you to learn more about your customers and better understand their journeys along the entire sales funnel. 

What you get:

  • CMO strategies
  • agile marketing, including target-operating models
  • ma.tomic based marketing transformation programmes
  • strategic marketing planning and resource management
  • marketing automation and customer analytics
  • intelligent, data-driven marketing rollout and enablement
  • marketing and meeting clouds (Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Microsoft)
  • marketing audits and real-time brand valuation

Turn leads into sales

A partner ecosystem is a powerful tool to increase conversion rates, revenues and profitability. We help you connect with partners in a completely new way during the entire partner lifecycle, be it onboarding and training, communication and support or selling. Scale-up your digital commerce – we accompany you throughout your transformation.

What you get:

  • configure price quote (CPQ)
  • contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • e-commerce (based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud) 
  • retail execution solution
  • trade promotion management
  • partner and supplier relationship management

Use the power of pricing to beat the market

How do you get the best possible price in the market? Smart pricing creates business opportunities. But to maximise these opportunities, you need to strengthen your own pricing power. Our pricing capability framework and smart-pricing analytics are outstanding tools to ensure that you get the most out of your business. 

What you get:

  • pricing strategy and execution
  • dynamic pricing and revenue management 
  • new product pricing 
  • retail execution solution
  • trade promotion management 
  • partner and supplier relationship management 

Turn your customer service into a growth booster

Your customer service does not need to be a money pit. With our support, you can transform your customer service and engagement activities into a revenue-generating business and ensure that your contact centres create value. Develop a unique customer experience and remember happy customers are loyal customers.

What you get:

  • customer service and engagement strategy aligned to overall strategy
  • enhanced customer engagement through new channels
  • cost reduction
  • optimal operation of contact centres

Customer Centric Transformation Services

Our service enablers

Leverage the full potential of data to make a difference

Do you have a clear data and analytics strategy? Are your inhouse capabilities limited when it comes to know your customers’ preferences? Do you want to leverage your data for a more personalised offerings? With over 90 digital intelligence experts we are happy to support you beyond the classics and to wow your customers.

What you get:

  • customer-centric data & analytics strategy
  • cost-to-serve analytics and process intelligence
  • next-generation forecasting
  • model validations and optimisation
  • data valorisation
  • intelligent automation
  • development of capabilities for personalisation
  • advanced computer vision for enhanced customer experiences

Let your data do the work

You already own the data. Now use it. We provide you with an overview of all the data needed for your business use cases. We assist you in getting access to high-quality data along the entire customer journey and in meeting all regulatory requirements. As your partner, we walk you through your evolution into a data-driven company.

What you get:

  • transformation into a data-driven company 
  • data strategy and data architecture
  • data governance and organisation
  • implementation of mobile device management solutions (MDM solutions), typically SAP MDG 
  • data migration and test management for large IT transformation projects 

Revamp your brand

Rapidly changing markets and customer needs are putting brand identity under scrutiny. With you, we outline a customer-centric brand approach for your company and build a digital brand management plan. Add an agile communication strategy and a 360-degree marketing approach – and you will have no issues attracting customers.

What you get:

  • brand management and employer branding 
  • guidelines to cover your brand’s identity 
  • communication and content strategies
  • campaign development
  • analytics of customer journey touchpoints

Set new benchmarks for your customers

Engage your customers. Design new experiences based on your customer insights. Standardise ideal employee behaviour across all your channels. Achieve higher engagement scores. Grow your business. Did we forget anything? Don’t worry, we are with you each step of the way. Let’s combine your experience with ours to create an outstanding customer journey.

What you get:

  • assessment of the operating model along the customer journey 
  • design of the operating model to improve customer experience 
  • operationalisation of the customer experience 

Let technology be your second nature

Company-wide implementation of a new technology that impacts all existing processes and experiences is challenging. We support you in building new company standards by giving your employees the right tools, the right processes, the right skills, and the right motivation to adopt new ways of working. That is how you take full advantage of digital technology.

What you get:

  • a tech-powered enablement solution, e.g. Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Microsoft
  • real-time insights into employee engagement, technical proficiency, and employee satisfaction
  • change management programme for successful introduction 
  • scoring algorithms 

«PwC is the partner you can trust to successfully master your digital transformation and to launch a new era for your company.»

Peter KasaharaPartner and Leader PwC Digital and Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

Our alliance partners in transformation

Your business transformation needs are the reason why we have developed strong alliances with some of today’s leading technology companies. By combining PwC’s know-how and experience with our partners’ technology, we can help you solve your most critical business issues. Whether your focus is on moving to the cloud, speeding up innovation, or transforming your business – PwC and our partners are here to assist you.

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Tech alliances

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Begin your Customer Centric Transformation with us

PwC supports you throughout your entire transformation journey – from strategy and execution to platform implementation and integration. Let’s make your customers happy.

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