Seizing the omnichannel advantage

How to create seamless customer experiences, drive efficiency and boost revenues

These days, customers expect that businesses understand their unique needs and provide compelling experiences. Most companies, however, struggle to create the personalised customer journeys needed to cater to such demands. While customers are more connected than ever, businesses have been struggling to coordinate their marketing activities across channels, resulting in fragmented and impersonalised experiences. For instance, imagine how surprised a customer may be when he or she realises that the product offered on a mobile application differs from the one on the company’s website or in a promotional email.

Inconsistencies such as the ones mentioned above may lead to customer frustration and contribute to damaging the quality of your business engagement over time. The reasons behind such alignment issues are mainly related to:

Data fragmentation

One of the primary challenges in omnichannel customer engagement is the fragmentation of customer data. Data may be stored in different systems and formats across various channels, making it difficult to create a unified customer view.

Lack of integration

When different channels and systems are not integrated effectively, it becomes challenging to share data, synchronise customer experiences, and maintain consistency in messaging.

Technology gaps

Incompatibilities between different technology platforms and tools can hinder the seamless flow of data and customer interactions across channels.

Organisational silos

More often than not, different departments operate independently, responsibilities are unclear and processes are vaguely defined. This leads to a lack of alignment and collaboration in implementing an omnichannel strategy.

Legacy systems

Organisations with older technology infrastructure may struggle to adapt to the demands of omnichannel marketing, which can lead to a slower pace of innovation and implementation.

Enabling seamless omnichannel engagement to exceed customer expectations

Omnichannel engagement is a customer-centric approach: if implemented effectively, it can help companies provide a seamless and integrated customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints, both online and offline. Regardless of how and where customers interact with the brand, this engagement approach focuses on creating a unified and consistent brand experience. A cohesive and effective omnichannel strategy will help businesses improve the quality of the customer experience.

By adopting an omnichannel approach, for example, a retail company was able to increase its Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the loyalty of a business’ customer base, by 54%. Furthermore, creating an omnichannel experience also positively impacts a company’s expected revenues with “40% of customers saying that they won’t do business with companies if they can’t use their preferred channels”. Thinking of the steps ahead, we sumed up relevant processes into three high-level topics:


  • Check your data availability and quality
  • Check the data compatibility across systems
  • Reunite all information into one single source of truth



  • Segment your customer
  • Personalise the different content types
  • Orchestrate the distribution across channels using dynamic analytics solutions


  • Use marketing automation tools to monitor performances
  • Schedule notifications by delivering relevant content without the manual burden

Get off on the right foot with your omnichannel strategy

In order to fully harness the potential of omnichannel customer engagement in the long run, it is equally important to focus on building up capabilities within your teams.

To ensure optimal user adoption, we incorporate it into the execution plan and structure the operational framework around a human-centric approach. In cases where the enterprises may not feel adequately prepared for this undertaking, we collaborate closely, managing day-to-day operations to build customer's competence before transferring the reins.

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Success stories

Below you can explore some of our success stories and find our more about the tangible results we’ve delivered for clients across a range of industries.


A global pharma company wanted to transform its commercial model for the “next normal” in European markets by deploying analytics-enabled omnichannel engagement. Significant efforts were invested to align on the prioritised used cases. Significant efforts were invested to align on the prioritised used cases. Thereby, our client strongly focused on improving orchestration of touch points and content personalisation. Another aim was to transform the content creation process by leveraging UX, campaign management, messages and channels deployment to healthcare professionals (HCPs).


To create the orchestration of touch points and the content personalisation the company envisioned, PwC developed with our client a bold methodology. This included building personas and customer journeys, defining the required technology and having a closer look at data availability. We tested with a carefully chosen minimum viable product and region scope. Furthermore, we analysed and connected data points to simplify development of impactful analytics. We also leveraged AI to determine the optimal time to engage and optimise journeys. Based on campaign journeys, we built up key messages and personalised content. At the same time, CIM and Reps CRM were interconnected for triggered activities, personalised content was created and channels were selected. The developed solution also included defining an objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) framework. By focusing on operational, strategic and business metrics, we ensured that both performance and impact were measured, thus paving the way for continuous optimisation.


By focusing on alignment, orchestration and streamlining, our client was able to double the volume of sales in comparison to the previous year. Additionally, the focus on analytics, the use of AI and consistent and personalised content experience improved engagement significantly – with the number of unique visitors being 10 times higher. Our methodological approach also led to a substantially better customer scoring.


A global pharma company was looking to engage their HCPs in more dynamic and effective ways. They recognixed the need to drive long-term activation and adoption of not only the new tools, but of ways of working and a customer-first omnichannel mindset​.

Solution ​

The client engaged PwC to create country level activation plans to increase the digital communication capabilities by driving the awareness and adoption of new omnichannel tools and ways of working. An interactive learning experience was designed as the start point of a multi-month activation approach to change local leader, marketer, and seller mindsets and behaviours. We brought together digital, brand, product, and content production teams in order to best support our client to create more awareness, strengthen interdependencies, and bring enhanced capabilities to local users.


This work enabled participants to operationalise the strategy, with focus on key metrics such as awareness and process/tool application. Increased levels of omnichannel understanding and engagement were achieved across five countries globally. It included five brands, and 95 local teams in six months. The maturity and resource level varied by country, requiring tailored plans that succeeded in ensuring that all of the participants improved their ability to apply new tools.



A global pharma customer was seeking a solution to enable business and technology capabilities within its HCP Outreach and Digital Marketing disciplines. Thereby, the client faced multiple challenges such as bringing together the capabilities of multiple marketing tools, poor workflows and user interfaces, as well as underdeveloped capabilities.


PwC delivered a marketing solution on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to better target HCPs, conduct impactful HCP outreach, and empower marketing functions with new capabilities. We supported the global roll-out of the omnichannel marketing solution across more than 75 markets. Thereby, we also focused on meeting localisation requirements, ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations (e.g., GDPR), and including training, change management, as well as operational support.


We helped the client scale its global marketing solution to enable more effective HCP targeting and outreach. At the same time, we enhanced their marketing capabilities anchored on the Salesforce platform. The developed solution will allow the global pharma company to incorporate more advanced segmentation, targeting, analytics, and customer data management capabilities in their daily work.

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