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How to overcome donor management hurdles with a modern CRM solution

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  • 06/02/24

Discover how the small Swiss NGO "LZ Weihnachtsaktion" transformed its Christmas fundraising campaign with a cutting-edge technology solution. Read our CRM case study to see the journey from manual to automated donor management and contribution tracking.


A small NGO based in central Switzerland runs fundraising campaigns for people in need. With the support of a volunteer board, the foundation is running a Christmas campaign managed by the Swiss newspaper Luzerner Zeitung (LZ) – therefore the name “LZ Weihnachtsaktion”. The Christmas campaign primarily attracts individual donors, including regional businesses. Facing challenges in donor management and contribution tracking, the NGO successfully overcame these hurdles by collaborating with our experts at PwC, who implemented a modern CRM system.


To address these challenges, the NGO and PwC jointly analysed the NGO’s business needs and designed a solution to meet the specific requirements. The solution revolved around the implementation of Salesforce’s Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP), complemented by external tools such as Mambo Merge for document management and Saferpay for payment processing. This CRM solution provided functionality critical to the NGO’s operations such as master data management, donation payment capture, customer segmentation, and the ability to generate thank you letters, tax receipts, and detailed customer and donation reports. In addition, the implementation included the Experience Cloud, which facilitated application processing, approvals, allocations, and disbursements. A key feature of the solution was the automation of processes such as receipting, recording, and linking payments to customers, which significantly improved operational efficiency and reduced manual workload.

“I was surprised by the personalised service PwC provided to us as a small NGO.”

Susanne Schmidli-Heule, Managing Director, LZ Weihnachtsaktion


The implementation of Salesforce NPSP and associated tools delivered transformational results for the LZ Weihnachtsaktion. User experience has improved significantly, making daily activities easier and reporting of donations and requests more efficient. The automation of previously manual processes resulted in significant savings in time and effort, contributing to overall operational efficiency. The modern CRM system integrated several modules, ensuring that the needed information was easily accessible to authorised users. One of the most significant outcomes was the team’s ability to stay on budget and on schedule for the Christmas campaign, facilitated by PwC’s effective change management strategies. This timely and budget-conscious implementation was crucial for the NGO, enabling it to enhance its capabilities without overstretching its limited resources.


The LZ Weihnachstaktion shows how a small NGO can significantly enhance its operational efficiency through strategic collaboration and the implementation of modern technology. The transformation not only streamlined donor management processes but also laid the foundation for future growth and effectiveness in serving the community.

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