Becoming the best marketing organisation on the planet

PwC's Marketing Transformation (our story)

Why should you trust us? Because we have been through the same experience ourselves. In the past few years, PwC has significantly invested in a fully integrated digital ecosystem and repositioned its market engagement. We have leveraged new tools and technologies, engaged and trained our people, and adapted our strategy and processes. By improving our customer relationships and addressing our target groups, we were able to turn our marketing into a business driver and to grow both our clients’ business as well as our own.

From cost centre to business driver

Intelligent, data-driven marketing is about much more than technology – it orchestrates audiences, data, budget and creativity to create a closed loop campaign and a unique customer experience. With our support, you get to know your customers more closely and will better understand their journeys along the entire sales funnel. 

Stand out from the crowd

The consulting and auditing industries are extremely competitive, and we have found that even our own clients have difficulties distinguishing PwC from its direct competitors. In addition to this generic brand perception in the market, our marketing team could not sufficiently drive growth, since it predominantly needed to react to individual requests and was busy carrying out ad-hoc activities.

Previously, we had no clear view of marketing ROI or performance-based marketing KPIs, and we were not able to identify and target segmented audiences due to a lack of profiling capabilities and disconnected data sources. We knew what we lacked, and we knew that marketing success stems from people doing things differently and not from just implementing tools. This knowledge defined our marketing transformation journey with the goal of becoming the world’s best marketing organisation.

Be inspired, be ambitious

Our marketing transformation was inspired by leading B2C brands such as Apple, Netflix and Uber. These companies keep transforming and adapting their business strategies successfully to meet and even anticipate their customers’ needs. In line with our conviction that change is about people engagement, we expanded our approach from B2B to B2E by treating our employees like customers and servicing them with B2C best practices.

To become the world’s best marketing and communications organisation – and thus driving growth for us and our clients – we redefined our marketing strategy to clearly position our core topics and competences. We identified and re-designed the core processes along the entire marketing value chain, e.g. stakeholder model (co-develop), campaign methodology (integrated) and operating model (decentralised).

Use technology smartly

First, we implemented a performance-based marketing framework built on a structured approach to planning, budgeting as well as KPI and ROI measurement. Then we designed and implemented a fully integrated, multi-platform and AI-enabled marketing technology stack based on Salesforce marketing cloud. The applications along the sales funnel include planning (Salesforce for data analysis), execution (Salesforce, SEA), measuring (AI, Salesforce), learning and collaboration (request management). But remember, technology is the tool, not the goal.

Empower your people

To get the absolute most out of your marketing activities, agile tech development and continuous process optimisation must go hand in hand. Marketing experts must constantly improve their skills. Listening is the name of the game. This is why we have developed and implemented a comprehensive digital upskilling programme for our marketing staff and enabled them to become pioneering digital marketing experts. 

PwC and Salesforce

Webinar Series about Customer Centric Transformations 

Whatever industry you operate in, now’s the time to take bold steps forward to get closer to your customers. 

Our series of webinars is a chance for you to explore the latest trends in customer centric transformation and see how they might help you get closer to your target audience.

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"We drive commercial impact aligned to the firm’s purpose by creating outstanding individual experiences that bring our people and our clients together."

Mattias Eklund,Head of Digital Marketing, PwC Switzerland

Make your marketing team a strategic partner

Our marketing transformation initiative delivered manyfold results with sustainable impacts:

  • increases execution efficiency, harbours cost savings and minimises redundancy and fragmentation
  • enables channel automation
  • allows for unified and centrally available data collection across channels
  • delivers insights from and action on all data within the ecosystem
  • connects marketing and sales activities and delivers MQLs 
  • renders marketing investments transparent across the organisation
  • makes it easier to control and react to external and internal factors and facilitates the continuous collaboration between marketing and business leaders
  • allows informed and involved relationship owners to better leverage marketing activities 
  • improves budget and resource planning
  • enables uniform campaign planning and design
  • facilitates campaign execution and nurturing
  • increases lead scoring
  • allows sophisticated data analysis and reporting
  • we can capitalise on clean data and deliver content excellence
  • we significantly increased employee satisfaction by empowering them
  • our new mindset emphasises that people are the most important resource for a successful data-driven marketing strategy
  • our marketing team now takes the position of a trusted advisor and strategic business partner

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