Immigration services for private clients

Law on foreign nationals and permits

Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world. However, Swiss immigration rules are complex and subject to change. We can help you to navigate the thicket of Swiss work and residence permits.

Our PwC experts have precise knowledge of the rules in force and are in close contact with the competent authorities. Swiss immigration is constantly changing due to legislation and practice – particularly since the referendum in favour of restricting mass immigration to Switzerland. We'll help you keep abreast of and properly deal with permits and employment law matters.

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How can PwC help?

Immigration requirements vary for each individual case. For this reason, we first assess the requirements on a case-by-case basis. During this assessment phase, we advise on potential red flags and explore workaround solutions for which the required authorisations can be obtained in a timely and efficient manner.

Once the individual needs are defined, we support with the application of the agreed solutions. Extensive immigration advice on processes and requirements as well as a list of all necessary documents for the permit applications can be provided to you. We can also review different documents in order to advise on any outstanding items and inform about the expected processing times. Furthermore, we can monitor application progress with authorities for you and manage any regular queries or requests raised.

Our support doesn’t only stop here. We also ensure you're always on top of matters by providing regular updates regarding the status of your applications and, if required, also about the general outlines of visa requirements. Additionally, we can advise on mandatory post-arrival registration requirements and make the bridge between our clients and the authorities by ensuring the various immigration documents are safe in the hands of the concerned people.

Our broad range of services

With their broad know-how, our PwC experts can support in a wide range of areas. Below you’ll find more details on our different immigration services. Furthermore, our team is competent in providing accompanied assistance to the respective migration offices, residence communes, tax offices, etc.

Lump sum taxation

Based on a negotiated lump sum tax ruling, the cantonal authorities may issue a residence permit based on fiscal interest (not possible in every canton).

Retirement in Switzerland​

If you've reached a minimum age and can prove special personal ties to Switzerland and to the respective canton, a residence permit without gainful activity can be requested.

Family reunification​

Under certain circumstances there's the possibility for a family reunification in Switzerland.

Working permits​

For EU and non-EU nationals setting up a new company in Switzerland or for individuals relocating to Switzerland due to a new position.

Visa applications​

Visa applications at the respective Swiss embassy in the home country.

Naturalisation applications​

Applying for naturalisation in Switzerland to become a Swiss citizen.

Extension of permits​

Support with the renewal process for either work or residence permits.

Permit changes from B to C​

Support in changing a residence permit into a settlement permit.​