Relocation to Switzerland

Smoothing your move to a safe, secure and attractive location

We live in a globalised world. And that means people move around. Throughout their lives, individuals and their families cross many borders, both for business and private reasons. Many who are born in one country will move to another to study, work or even live on a permanent basis.

At some point, many feel the need for someone to help manage the complexity of assets, business opportunities and the interests of family members spread around the world. That’s where PwC’s relocation services come in. 

Whether you’re considering a move to another country or your life already spans different jurisdictions, it’s good to have someone knowledgeable and well-connected to make all the necessary arrangements and take care of matters on your behalf. 

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Do you intend to relocate to or depart from Switzerland? You have family members in different countries or complex financial circumstances?

We support you and your family members before, during and after the transfers from one country to another by:  

Personal Involvement

Tax advising

National and international tax advising.

Personal Involvement


Analyse your individual wealth situation and advice on the most appropriate tax regime and the respective consequences.

Personal Involvement


Provide pre-immigration planning, e.g. assist with wealth restructuring requirements and possible exit tax issues in your home country.

Personal Involvement

Select taxation

Selection of the right taxation system (ordinary taxation vs. lump-sum taxation).

Personal Involvement


Support with change of domicile and align with relocation agencies.

Personal Involvement


Coordination of contracts with relevant authorities and support with lump-sum negotiations (Switzerland).

Personal Involvement


Support to obtain residency and work permits for you and your family members.

Personal Involvement

Family Office

Registration of your company and family office or acquisition of an existing firm.

Personal Involvement

Inheritance contracts

Review of current marital and inheritance contracts with respect to their enforceability.

Personal Involvement

Continuous support

Support with accounting and bookkeeping as well as annual tax return.

Whatever the reason for your move – whether business or personal – we would be happy to help you optimizing the whole process. 

We guarantee you:

Personal Involvement

Personal involvement

We work with the individual or family and their advisers, realtors, personal assistants, etc. Ultimately, what we offer is a single point of contact to a very joined-up, personally tailored service. 

Comprehensive services

Comprehensive services

Relocation is a complex endeavour. Thus, we anticipate potential pitfalls in advance and provide our clients with comprehensive advice through our international team of more than 12 nationalities.

Useful connections

Useful connections

We not only work closely with the tax authorities but with proven relocation agencies. They are often the point of contact for introductions to estate agents, schools and other specific concierge services people need to start life in a new jurisdiction. Those ‘settling in’ connections ensure a smooth, enjoyable transition.


Relocating to Switzerland 

If you’re looking for a safe, secure and attractive place for you, your family or your business, Switzerland ticks all the boxes. Despite its location at the very heart of Europe, over the decades it has proven to be a haven from uncertainty – as well as consistently ranking as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Check out our checklist on what to consider when relocating to Switzerland. 

Download checklist 

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