HR Efficiency Assessment

Our lean and simple assessment quickly analyses your HR organisation and pinpoints action to rapidly increase HR efficiency

Our service

PwC's HR Efficiency Assessment helps you set the right priorities by analysing your HR function in order to identify the most important fields of action in uncertain economic times.

Depending on the needs of your organisation, we offer a modular approach which will be tailored to your specific requirements. After taking the assessment, we’ll deliver a summary of the results as well as quick win suggestions which will help you boost your HR efficiency.

Modular assessment options

Our lean and modular approach can be adapted depending on the needs of your organisation and allows you to quickly identify the essential fields of action.


The self-assessment allows you to get a first glimpse at your situation by completing a quick online questionnaire.

Desktop research (optional)

We may complement the self-assessment by desktop research. We’ll analyse the documented processes and your HR strategy paper and will map your service ratios against the benchmark.

Stakeholder interviews (optional)

For in-depth insights we conduct interviews with the most important stakeholders. In dialogue with HR leaders and clients, we discuss pain points and develop improvement measures for your future state HR organisation.

What's in it for you? Our assessment is a quick and easy way to examine your HR function's processes, costs and efficiency. It allows you to access benchmark data and best practice examples while getting our consulting expertise.

Assessment dimensions

For you to get a clear overview, we structured our assessment according to the following five main dimensions:

Vision and strategy

You’ll understand if your strategy focuses on essential priorities and which KPIs you may use to monitor efficiency gains. You’ll also know which recent impacts influenced your HR function. Moreover, you will gain insights into cost efficiency aspects of your HR function and build the foundation for an improved business case.

Technology and infrastructure

You can expect an evaluation of your degree of HR workflow automation and technology adoption. Our assessment will identify which IT costs can be decreased and provide guidance on technologies that can help take the burden off your HR staff. On top of this, we will provide you with advice on optimising the utilisation of state-of-the-art HR platform technology and emerging tools, such as robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Operating structures and interactions

Our assessment will identify HR process volume drivers and map your operating structures against the benchmark. This insight will allow you to redesign your HR processes and organisational structure in a more efficient way.

Customer offering

You’ll receive an evaluation of your HR service catalogue and its degree of standardisation. We’ll pinpoint harmonisation potential and illustrate how to streamline your HR service offering.

People and capabilities

You’ll know if your HR employees have the right skills to identify and leverage efficiency gains and understand if your reward system motivates your HR staff to support your HR strategy.

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