Acquiring companies: Your Deal is our Deal

The acquisition of a company poses numerous challenges.

Anyone planning and executing an acquisition is confronted with numerous questions and challenges in the run-up to and after the transaction – from the analysis of the transaction property and process adjustments to the accounting effects of the purchase.

Our experienced and dedicated team will support you before, during and after the acquisition of a company, so that you can master any challenge with confidence.

Your concern

You have questions, we provide answers

You are planning an acquisition. This means you are going to face numerous questions and challenges in the run-up to the purchase decision. But even after deciding on a suitable company or shares, many questions arise during the acquisition of a transaction property and after the signing with regard to various factors critical to success. What are the most important levers to increase the value of the transaction property after the purchase? What effects does the purchase have on your balance sheet and KPIs? How do you adapt your processes successfully? How do you determine the effects on the balance sheet after the acquisition? And how do you migrate the accounting of the acquired company to the rules and regulations applied in the company? We provide advice based on your deal process. We will support you before, during and after the purchase.

Our offering

Working together, we solve every challenge – no matter how complex

When you work with us, you can expect a team that is committed to you. You’ll benefit from our decades of transaction experience, industry expertise and commitment to advising you, all backed by our use of the latest technology. From company acquisitions to sales and Initial Public Offerings (IPO), our M&A team is your partner during all phases of the transaction process. We always take into account both perspectives, that of the buyer and that of the seller, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive information possible and thus create a solid basis for decision-making. We support you with comprehensive due diligence, which includes the careful examination of all relevant factors. You will find the appropriate type of due diligence for your transaction in our Business Diligence section. Starting with the strengths and weaknesses of the transaction property all the way to the actual value creation, we thoroughly analyse the transaction property using our value creation approach and support you in initiating the value-creating measures quickly and in a targeted manner after the deal. Together, we implement the suitable tax and legal structuring of the company acquisition, whereby our experienced consultants combine many years of tax, financing and accounting experience with in-depth industry expertise. We can also assist you in determining the purchase price and allocating it to the acquired assets and liabilities. Rest assured that We will guide you through the entire transaction process. And after the deal is concluded, we will help with strategic and operational post-merger integration, as well as with mapping the accounting implications and developing sustainable tax strategies for long-term success. We are one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting firms, and you benefit from that – including accounting expertise, whether it’s IFRS, US GAAP, Chinese GAAP or any other national law – we really do know our stuff

Our promise

Professional, targeted and no surprises – that’s our promise to you. Our motto is: your deal is our deal. Working together, we will design the right deal for you, even in turbulent times.

You can trust that our team knows your business and leverages extensive industry knowledge for your success. You benefit from fast response times, a collaborative working style and the use of and the latest proven tools that are tailored to your needs. Thanks to the combination of powerful technology and the experience of our experts , we also track down hidden value potential. The goal: Always weigh all options and take the best decision.

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