IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Designing IPO processes in a controlled way

An IPO can raise the external capital needed for corporate growth, but it is costly and complex. The right preparation is therefore crucial.

Our specialised team with industry experience will support you in all phases of the IPO process and help with the associated structural, operational and regulatory issues – so that you can confidently manage your IPO.

Your concern

Raising capital for a new boost

Companies that want to grow often need to raise external capital. One possible option is to go public on the capital market. This process, however, is very costly and complex. IPO consultation can help evaluate the options and properly prepare the company for an IPO. Many questions therefore arise in the run-up to the IPO: What options do you have for raising capital? You want to acquire fresh capital and have shares in your company traded on the stock exchange for the first time and are wondering how to make your Initial Public Offering (IPO) successful? We provide answers. A successful IPO requires first and foremost a sustainable business model, the right tax structure and an efficient reporting system. This requires that the processes, systems and functions meet the regulatory requirements. Furthermore, you need an attractive equity story that you can back up with relevant financial information and market data, as well as strong management capacities. And of course, your company must be able to deliver what you promise investors.

Our offering

Specialists for the entire transformation

Our Capital Markets team will answer all your structural, operational and regulatory questions to ensure that your company is ready for the capital market in all respects. We will guide you through the entire IPO and transformation process and answer any questions that arise quickly and reliably. Our clients value our customised and objective advice. We are at your side with our industry- and country-specific experience – you can count on us.

Our promise

Managing the IPO process in a controlled fashion to ensure you reach your target. Our motto is: your deal is our deal. Working together, we will design the right deal for you, even in turbulent times.

We ensure that you remain in control at all times as you navigate through the IPO process. That way, you are sure to reach your target.

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