Selling companies

Recognising the opportunities and risks of selling a company

Anyone seeking to sell their company or parts of it must provide interested parties with a great deal of information. But what information is relevant – and how should it be presented in order to successfully close the deal?

Our team has many years of transaction experience and provides reliable support in the preparation and implementation of company sales and carve-outs.

Your concern

Complex questions regarding market practices and regulations when selling a company

Selling a business successfully requires good preparation and experience. Informative financiaand tax information about the business unit to be sold also has an essential part to play. However, many sellers are unclear about what information they need to provide to prospective buyers. Many questions emerge: What are the relevant success factors of spin-offs and company sales? How can business units that are to be sold be portrayed as if they have been independent for quite some time? What accepted market practices and regulatory approaches do you need to consider when preparing carve-out financial statements? And how can relevant data for a company or individual components be presented in the best possible way for a planned carve-out? Is there perhaps even value creation potential that could have a positive impact on the company valuation? What are the operational implications of the carve-out? And what can the separation look like in detail? These questions are also relevant for the potential buyerand must be answered as part of a careful due diligence.

Our offering

Decades of expertise and modern technologies

PwC’s team has many years of transaction experience and can answer these and other questions for you in a competent, fast and bespoke manner. Our corporate finance team will help you find the right and run a competitive auction process for you. For our clients, we analyse regulatory requirements and prepare carve-out financial statements in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP and other frameworks. We also provide support with the right design of the and corporate structure. When necessary, we extract data, prepare it and analyse it for you. Our experts provide you with efficient support and can analyse and visualise your data using state-of-the-art deal analytics solutions. In this way, problems can be identified at an early stage and measures can be initiated. We adapt our range of tasks to your needs and accompany you along the way. This gives you full transparency on what is currently happening. Whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized company or a listed enterprise, we stand by your side as a partner with long-standing expertise and deep industry knowledge.

Our promise

Turning opportunities into successes, minimising risks. Our motto is: your deal is our deal. Working together, we will design the right deal for you, even in turbulent times.


We know the dos and don’ts of all types of divestments and the potential opportunities and risks that can surface in the course of a transaction. We can minimise your transaction risk by providing customised analyses, tailor-made contracts, operational implementation support and carve-out deals. With our value creation approach, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the company to be sold as part of business diligence and support you in preparing it for a possible sale in a way that promises success. We work with you to identify potential for increasing the value of the company and incorporate this into the preparation for sale.

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