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Digitalisation and new emerging technologies are disrupting all sectors and economic activities – from retail and hospitality to financial services and manufacturing to NPOs. But as different as the specific challenges may be, all sectors have one thing in common: transforming your marketing and sales to get closer to your customers is more important than ever.

Our customer centric webinar series show you how to reap the benefits of transformation and grow your business by using the best strategies and tools – in an easy and pragmatic way and with instant results.

Check out our webinars and learn how to move from the basics of digital marketing to continuous optimisation to maximise returns. 

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Customer needs don’t stand still. Luckily, neither do the technologies and approaches for fulfilling them.

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Voice of the customer 2.0 - what is next?

Listening to what your clients have to say about your services or your company is an extremely useful resource to grow your business. But how can you bring your client feedback to the next level and possibly transform it into a firm-wide activity? What are the latest trends to measure customer satisfaction?  

While many companies have a client feedback program in place, it very often isn’t supported by the newest technologies. Our experts Anja Birkelbach, Head of Customer Feedback, and Anna Bliznina, Manager Customer Transformation, introduce you to the benefits of implementing data analytics to generate actionable insights from qualitative data and show you how a smart mix of both surveys and conversations can yield valuable feedback results. During the webinar, you learn more about the ways in which feedback can effectively be integrated and turned into real actions.   
Watch Anja Birkelbach's and Anna Bliznina's new webinar Voice of the customer 2.0 and get invaluable take-aways that will help you create significant value for your business.

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How customer centricity can boost your industrial goods business

95% of CEOs believe that they need more customer centricity to be competitive in their markets, but only 5% of employees apply a customer-centric strategy on a daily basis. From higher sales and lower service costs to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer centricity brings many financial and emotional benefits to companies. Aligning products, services and logistics with the customer is one part of differentiation – but culture, mindset, and leadership are at least as important.   

In our webinar, Oliver Ripplinger and Dr. Michael Betz, PwC Switzerland, explain why the decision to be customer-centric affects the whole company and has an impact on all operations. They demonstrate the importance of understanding the customer journey with its customer touch points and recognising when companies need to exceed customer.   

Our guest speaker Daniel Moelders presents the leadership principles that a customer-centric company should apply. As Director Strategic Employee Relations at Zalando and former Head of Employee Relations at Amazon North & Central Europe, he provides first-hand examples of how to set employees on the path to embed emotional, rational, and environmental aspects of customer centricity into a company's DNA. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Several recent developments, such as the Covid lockdowns in China and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, pose major strains to supply chain and demand management. But it is not only supply chain disruptions (e.g., chips are no longer available) that challenge companies, but also the finance transformation topics or the new rapidly evolving IOT components and services. We are pleased to invite you to our webinar “Simple not complex - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations” that will focus on how to meet customer demand with digitalized and sound finance & operations processes. 

In our webinar, Dr. Michael Betz, PwC Switzerland, provided the business context of developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, and financial transformation – and outline what is needed to create a good and seamless service for end customers. In a live demonstration, Maciej Pogoda, PwC Poland, demonstrated in a practical use case how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations uses the IoT to integrate and synchronize processes and what actionable insights can be gained. He will show you how to reduce risks, save costs and increase efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and what challenges arise during implementation. Jodi Tarraf, Microsoft Switzerland, ended the webinar with insights on what this means for your enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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How to segment your B2B customers and achieve better leads

Are you asking yourself how to turn leads into sales and sustainable business relations? Lead scoring and lead management is the answer. But what exactly is lead scoring, and how does it work? With the introduction of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, PwC can create new leads from marketing campaigns and online channels within the cloud – directly linking marketing and sales activities.

A clearly structured and simple lead scoring mechanism allows us to detect buying signals on the customer journey, to track interaction across digital channels, and to assess the individual’s engagement level with a profiling score and interest tags.

Do you also want to turn your marketing from a cost centre into a revenue generator? Learn how the segmentation of your B2B customers and Account Based Marketing (ABM) result in better leads.

If you would like to watch the recording please send a request to Oliver Ripplinger, Director Customer Centric Transforamtion, PwC Switzerland.

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How to use Microsoft Power Apps as a leverage for your business

Today more than ever, companies need to quickly develop and deploy professional business apps that complement their existing IT solutions. In addition, new customer needs and expectations call for innovation and highly flexible solutions.

In our webinar, we explained the critical elements that will enable anyone in the organisation to develop professional apps – something that used to be possible for professional developers only.  

Peter Sandor, PwC Switzerland, presented the benefits of Microsoft as a platform for the financial industry, how it can complement your business, and focused on the most common use cases to demonstrate how Power Apps can enhance CRM and marketing. Ángel Crespo, Microsoft Switzerland, showed how to quickly enable your teams to develop new ideas or to fill functional gaps in existing IT solutions. Furthermore, a live mini-hackathon demonstrated by Artur Kotow and Karol Lugowski, PwC Poland, underpinned one of the use cases. 

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PwC's Sales Transformation

The webinar is geared to heads of sales, and possibly heads of marketing, interested in finding out more about state-of-the-art sales and marketing tools and technologies.

Gustav Baldinger, a member of PwC Switzerland’s management board and head of its Advisory practice, was joined by Oliver Ripplinger and Michael Plassmann from PwC Switzerland’s Customer Practice. They explained the reasons behind their B2B sales transformation, how they went about it by implementing Salesforce and what they’ve gained – and sharing lessons learned that could benefit others considering such a move.

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Customer Data Platforms – engineering a customer experience platform

The advertising industry is facing an upheaval. This is due to stricter data protection regulations and the death of the 3rd party cookie undermines the advertising infrastructure. The ability to link a multitude of data points in real time and derive the next best action across channels seems like an advertising dream for many marketers – but it doesn't have to be. Watch the recording to discover how to make this dream a reality and how to use a customer data platform (CDP) to solve today’s greatest marketing challenges.

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Re-inventing marketing and sales with Microsoft

Outdated sales and marketing models lead to inefficiencies and opportunity costs that impact your company’s potential. Furthermore, new customer needs and expectations call for marketing and sales excellence across all channels.

In our webinar “Re-inventing marketing and sales with Microsoft”, Peter Sandor, Manager Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland, and Angel Crespo, Sales Executive Business & Power Apps at Microsoft Switzerland, showed how to make a distinction in sales by joining marketing and sales activities in an integrated sales funnel. They explained the crucial elements to drive an integrated and customer centric sales funnel and how to use Microsoft Cloud to build end-to-end lead management across sales and marketing. 

In addition, Moses Dhiraba, Senior Marketing Automation & Channels Manager at Swiss Re, demonstrated in a practice case how the reinsurer is improving customer interaction by using Microsoft Dynamics 365, to increase efficiency and productivity in marketing and communications.

If you would like to watch the recording please send a request to Peter Sandor, Manager Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland.

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PwC Switzerland's Marketing transformation

PwC Switzerland embarked on its marketing transformation journey three years ago. In our webinar we shared some of the ups and downs along the way to transforming our sales and marketing. This is a rare opportunity for a frank look behind the scenes at how PwC Switzerland has implemented a new technology, and to see how our experience might translate to your organisation.

This webinar was held in English and German.

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Zur Aufzeichnung auf Deutsch

The power of marketing automation

Specialists from Salesforce and PwC gave insights into the actual state of marketing, described the status quo in Switzerland and presented multiple real-life cases to show marketing automation in action in the financial services industry.

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Get your client data safely – and compliantly – to the cloud

The cloud is the logical next move for many businesses seeking to provide a state-of-the-art customer experience. However, for financial services providers in particular, moving to a cloud raises various questions. In this webinar, specialists from PwC and Salesforce will be guiding you through the legal and technical requirements and the requisite safeguards.

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Accelerating digital transformation in insurance

In this webinar you’ll get the chance to hear experts from PwC, academia and Salesforce explain how to create a platform to accelerate digital transformation in your sales, services and marketing. You'll get insights into insurance trends and a vision for serving tomorrow's insurance customer. Learn how to define the right operating model to facilitate your customers’ journey.

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Creating sales excellence and an integrated sales funnel

Many organisations talk about customer centricity and its importance, however, they do not walk the talk. At the end of the webinar, you will have a better idea on where to set your focus in order to drive an integrated and customer centric sales funnel.

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Trends in manufacturing: transforming your Field Service team

You’ll see the return companies are seeing from making the bold decision to bring their Field Service teams into the digital age. Take an hour to get smarter about things that matter to your boss and industry peers!

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How to capture growth opportunities in disruptive banking

Find out which six trends are shaping the financial service sector in Switzerland and learn why reviewing your position in a partnership and ecosystem is crucial to address changing customer needs. 

In addition to those trend, we will present ideas how to actually extend your value chain for customers. 

We have one guest speaker: Jonas Arvsäter, Head of Bank Development of Zurich Insurance Group AG, to show growth opportunities in insurance.

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How to marry people and processes to maximise success in a sales function driven by technology

How to marry people and processes to maximise success in a sales function driven by technology

We are excited to invite you to our webinar, “Sales in the digital age”, taking place on October 27, 2021.

In a fifty-minute panel, we, alongside Masterclass Training and Trend Micro will be sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of sales.

The focus of the session lies with answering the question:

How can an organization optimise processes and build and maintain relationships in a time where the sales function is dominated by technology?


  • Jasper Kakes, Director, Customer, PwC Netherlands
  • Mattias Eklund, Senior Manager, Marketing, PwC Switzerland
  • Isabel Rimmer, Founder & CEO, Masterclass Training
  • Frank Schwittay, SVP Sales Europe, Trend Micro
Webinar: Sales in the Digital Age

How to win more donors through personalisation, transparency and impact measurement

The challenges NPOs face are as demanding as those faced by private businesses. With limited resources and in an increasingly competitive environment, nonprofits must meet the different needs and growing expectations of stakeholders. NPOs are now tasked to adapt to the technological advancements in society at large.

The challenges NPOs face are as demanding as those faced by private businesses. With limited resources and in an increasingly competitive environment, nonprofits must meet the different needs and growing expectations of stakeholders. NPOs are now tasked to adapt to the technological advancements in society at large.

In our upcoming webinar you will learn how to navigate this landscape with solutions and experience provided by PwC. We will share insights that we gathered over the past years and give you an idea on how the Salesforce digital platform can empower NPOs.

You will also find out more about AMP Impact, an Impact Measurement Solution for NPOs on the Salesforce platform, which is tailored specifically to the needs of nonprofits. It enables NPOs to improve engagement and increase their impact by building an organisation that is better connected digitally.


  • Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, Head Customer Centric Transformation NPO, PwC Switzerland
  • Oliver Ripplinger, Director, Customer Centric Transformation NPO, PwC Switzerland
  • Klaas Jansen, Senior Manager, Salesforce Technology Consulting, PwC Netherlands
  • Guest speaker: Zak Kaufmann, Co-Founder and CEO Vera Solutions

The B2B commerce boom – hype or here to stay?

B2B commerce is rapidly gaining momentum. According to PwC's study “Future of Commerce”, ecommerce will be the most important investment sector for 65 percent of companies over the next two years. Most B2B executives expect sales on digital channels to account for more than half of their business in the next years. But change takes time, and companies should plan prudently and take a step-by-step approach to successfully master the challenges.

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