The B2B commerce boom – hype or here to stay?

The Evolving Customer: The Future of B2B commerce

B2B commerce is rapidly gaining momentum. According to PwC's study The Evolving Customer: The Future of B2B Commerce, e-commerce will be the most important investment sector for 65 percent of companies over the next two years. Most B2B executives expect sales on digital channels to account for more than half of their business in the next years. But change takes time, and companies should plan prudently and take a step-by-step approach to successfully master the challenges.

As companies embark on the B2B e-commerce journey, they must take decisions: Which retailers should remain partners, and which not? What impact will the new business model have on inventory management? Which third-party B2B marketplaces offer attractive sales opportunities, and how can they be leveraged? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and companies will have to work closely with distributors and suppliers to make sure they can accommodate new requirements. 

«B2B e-commerce helps companies to increase their reach and impact in the market, improve sales effectiveness, satisfy their customers, and gain a significant competitive advantage over their peers..»

Siveen Laryan, Director, Customer Transformation and Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland

The fact is that e-commerce is not just another major opportunity for B2B companies. It is inevitable; customers are demanding it. And to stand out from the competition, B2B commerce must start with the customer and their true needs. 

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