Salesforce Data Cloud

Unify data from multiple sources and create unique experiences for your customers.

How does Data Cloud work?

Unlock customer data to gain real-time actionable insights at scale and increase business productivity. Customers have rising expectations and they want to be treated as individuals. Every interaction matters, and customer dialogue in marketing, sales, service, and commerce must feel like a cohesive, orchestrated experience. To achieve this, critical challenges must be met: fragmented data makes it difficult to analyse customer engagement and optimise experiences, while inconsistent experiences across channels and devices compromise personalisation and data governance requirements. Salesforce Data Cloud connects it all, enabling you to turn data into action.

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What are the advantages of Data Cloud?

Build a trusted 1st party data base

Track consent preferences with Data Cloud and comply with privacy laws, while still collecting the voluntary data of buyers and other signals.

Create a single source of truth

With Data Cloud you can capture and unify data from multiple sources in real-time. AI allows you to match customer identities and get a more complete picture of each customer.

Optimise your analytics

Make better decisions by always understanding your customers. Based on AI-powered insights and analytics, Data Cloud enables you to identify next best actions.

Provide flexibility for all users

Free your businesspeople from IT constraint. With Data Cloud you give them the tool to work directly and efficiently with customer data.

Adapt to the cookieless future

Engage your audiences with Data Cloud’s unified first-party data from across the customer relationship, making every moment connected and personalised for greater response and ROI.

Go beyond marketing

Customer data platforms are not just for marketing purposes. With Salesforce Data Cloud, you can personalise and contextualise every interaction. Give your marketing, sales, service, and commerce function a human feel at every customer touchpoint.

“With Salesforce Data Cloud, you can turn every customer interaction into data, integrate that data and scale the intelligence.”

Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, Leader Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

Why you can count on us for your Salesforce Data Cloud implementation

We’re your trusted Salesforce implementation partner for your Data Cloud journey because we've been there and faced the same challenges you have. With our own successful marketing transformation, our unparalleled knowledge of our clients' businesses and our global network's insights into marketing teams around the world, we are uniquely positioned to help you grow and make the right strategic decisions. We can guide you through every step of your transformation, as we have done for countless clients around the world.

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