Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Unique customer experiences accelerate your success, online and offline.

How does Commerce Cloud work?

With Commerce Cloud you can break fresh ground and surprise your customers with unique and personalised shopping experiences – online and on site. The faster your products come to market, the more customers you reach. Our PwC experts will show you how.

Fast track your sales

Commerce Cloud bundles interactions from all channels onto one platform. Your customers get access to simple processes and flexible purchasing options. Shopping made easy.  

Commerce Cloud is more than just a leading commercial platform. It is a unique venue where you can share inspiration and ideas with global partners and customers – while winning over new customers.

Commerce Cloud is seamlessly interconnected with all other Salesforce clouds, which allows you to turn your customers’ experiences into your own success story. Learn more about PwC’s solutions and pave your way to a bright future. 

What are the advantages of Commerce Cloud?


Digital commerce

Hook shoppers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Create innovative, intelligent digital experiences and frictionless transactions across all channels – mobile, social, web and beyond. The core tenets of digital commerce are personalised marketing campaigns, merchandising and promotions, as well as the following:

  • AI-powered commerce
  • digital experience management
  • multi-site management and localisation
  • digital commerce extension
  • endless aisle


Order management

A satisfying customer experience does not end with the order placement. Continuously build positive customer interactions by allowing your customers to shop anywhere and get support whenever they need it. Our powerful add-on unlocks real-time inventory visibility, allocation logic and order lifecycle management across all channels. It offers:

  • flexible order fulfilment
  • gapless product tracking
  • uncomplicated order management and assignment logistics
  • distributed order management system
  • extendable customisation and integration
  • simple role-based interfaces
  • unified commerce


User experience

Retailers must meet their customers’ needs at all stages, not just with technology but also with store policies. Customers should be able to buy products online on their mobile devices and return them in a store. And if they file service issues on social media platforms, they need to be sure that their feedback is seen and handled by a service representative in a contact centre.

Commerce Cloud achieves these goals by collecting data with the intrinsic goal of improving user experience and transforming every interaction into a positive customer experience – because happy customers are loyal customers.

“Customers highly appreciate individualised product recommendations. Commerce Cloud increases customer loyalty and boosts your sales.”

Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, Leader Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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