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PwC has a long tradition of advising Swiss and international private clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, executives or individuals and families with complex wealth and asset situation. We listen to your needs, offer our experience and work with you using our network of national and international specialists to develop custom made solutions.







Family Offices are high in demand. Our podcast series focuses on a range of major topics that concern family entrepreneurs: owner strategy, setting up a Family Office, asset management and much more. 

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Our services for wealthy individuals, families & entrepreneurs

Our asset-structuring services
  • We can advise and support you in the planning and implementation of national- and international structures for private assets such as real estate, jewellery and artworks, yachts and aircraft.
  • We can advise and support you in the planning and implementation of national- and international structures for business assets such as holding structures, trading, manufacturing and service companies, or private equity investments.
  • We can develop an optimal and sustainable tax strategy to meet your family and business needs.
  • We can advise you on the prevention and resolution of legal and tax issues, and represent you before the tax authorities and fiscal courts.

Our Asset protection services
  • We advise and support you in the planning and implementation of classic asset protection structures such as trusts and foundations.
  • We show you how to separate your private and business assets to increase your protection and reduce your exposure to risk.
  • We help you optimise your choice of business structures to minimise your risks.
  • We help you to draft appropriate matrimonial and inheritance agreements.

Succession planning

Whatever succession strategy you choose, it is important to set the right course early on. The needs of the business, the entrepreneur, the successor and the family must all be acknowledged and taken into account. In addition, company-related factors such as the legal aspects of taxation, inheritance and pension must also be considered.

Our succession-planning services
  • We support you with a careful assessment of possible succession strategies which shall consider economic and tax perspectives, as well as the financial, legal and family circumstances.
  • We work in close collaboration with you to develop an optimal succession plan for you and your business.
  • We advise you on the implementation of your chosen succession strategy and guide you through the implementation.
Estate planning

Especially where large estates and businesses are concerned, the impact of an unexpected loss of decision-making capacity, or a death, should be taken into consideration. Specific questions will arise, such as:

  • Who will make decisions regarding the assets?
  • Who will succeed the business?
  • How will succession be regulated between the heirs?
  • How can we ensure that third parties will not interfere in family matters?
Our estate-planning services
  • We arrange individual workshops to analyse your needs and goals.
  • We create an actual vs. target comparison and a risk vs. reward analysis for your current situation based on which we elaborate possible alternative solutions as well as an action plan for implementation.

How we assist family offices:
  • Protecting family wealth - by ensuring it is structured appropriately from both a legal and regulatory perspective.
  • Spreading investment risk - by diversifying family wealth.
  • Improving family communication - by enabling debate within the family on a broad range of topics from values and purpose to key investment decisions.
  • Coherent governance over the family’s wealth - by establishing proper processes to manage the assets.
  • Managing the personal affairs of family members - by providing personal financial management and preserving their privacy.
  • Better decision making - by having a clearly defined ownership strategy and objectives with aligned tax, accountancy and wealth management reporting.
  • Helping the next generation prepare for succession - by supporting the education and development of family members.
  • Administration - through trust administration, real estate services, document management and recordkeeping, expense management and bookkeeping.

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Our services for families and entrepreneurs worldwide  
  • We advise and assist you with your relocation.
  • We provide advice and support in international pension and social security matters.
  • We advise and assist in international estate-duty and inheritance matters.
  • We provide advice on cross-border business issues such as developing new business locations as well as supporting you with business acquisitions and relocations.
  • We undertake and coordinate your tax, social security and legal compliance work in the territories concerned.

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