Settore immobiliare

Identificare il potenziale economico della vostra proprietà. Le condizioni del mercato immobiliare sono sempre più difficili, ma si aprono anche nuove opportunità. Siamo qui per consigliarvi e aiutarvi in tutte le vostre decisioni immobiliari.

The real estate sector - constantly changing

Equipped with in-depth knowledge of the regional market conditions, our experts have extensive experience in the fields of economics, business and architecture as well as construction law. We stand by you throughout your property’s life cycle, providing professional support with real estate valuation and transaction matters, as well as with strategic challenges. Thanks to our global network, we offer you comprehensive real estate consulting services, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Naturally, we are also on hand to help you with any legal and tax-related property queries. When it comes to making key real estate decisions, PwC is your ideal partner.

Our expertise

Real estate transactions

If you want to maximise your returns when buying and selling property, you need an experienced partner by your side. With our well-structured process and global network, we provide you with support throughout your transactions.

Property valuation

We know the market value of your property and can prepare independent property valuations for single properties, development projects and entire portfolios.

Consulting services

Commercial real estate and investment properties often present untapped potential, which our real estate consulting services can help you to unlock.

Other related services

Do you wish to buy or sell a property? Or are you looking for a location for your hotel or hospital? We can help you get the most out of the buying and selling of real estate.

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Sebastian Zollinger

Sebastian Zollinger

Director, Head Real Estate Advisory, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 28 87