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Successful transactions with PwC

Whether it's succession planning, a corporate sale or acquisition, we can support you and keep you fully informed throughout corporate transactions. We can evaluate your business and clarify the opportunities and risks associated with any proposed deal. We would also conduct a thorough financial analysis – which, of course, would consider any legal and tax implications – and review your prevailing management style and corporate culture. We could then work with you to formulate a carefully nuanced strategy designed to commit all stakeholders to your proposition. 

Our services

  • Succession planning
    A succession plan involves business owners in very difficult decisions. We can advise you about the range of solutions available and take care of the details.
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  • Company acquisitions and mergers
    We can source, contact and evaluate suitable acquisition targets and ensure the integration with your existing business is a success.
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  • Corporate sales
    Whether it's a sale, partial sale, or a succession plan, we can support you to achieve an optimum result.
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  • Valuation
    We can value your business, identify the value drivers, and thus help you to create appropriate financial models for your context and business purpose.
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  • Financing
    We can provide access to loan and equity markets, and also help you present a convincing case to investors.
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Kurt Ritz
Partner Advisory, Zurich
Tel: +41 58 792 14 49


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Deal Cycle Framework

Download a guide to the successful shaping of corporate transactions.