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M&A Industry Trends in Switzerland

August 2022 update: Mounting headwinds from many directions could spell trouble – but the bold will seize opportunities for strategic deals at attractive valuations

In our M&A industry update six months ago we predicted mounting headwinds, but we couldn’t have foreseen just how much stronger they would become – or what new headwinds would emerge. Early in the year dealmakers were still riding a wave of record-high global mergers and acquisitions activity. Then inflation and interest rates came to spoil the fun, backed up by tumbling share prices and an energy crisis exacerbated by war in Ukraine. Reason for despondency? We think not.

Dealmakers might well be facing some of the most uncertain and complex conditions in recent memory. But as always, adverse conditions create opportunities for those agile and bold enough to seize them. As valuations decline, deals could be a crucial factor in achieving strategic objectives, and could potentially generate healthy returns. The winners will be those who get their stakeholders on board early, see the full implications of inflation and realise that integrating acquisitions successfully requires increasingly careful consideration of the workforce.

Some key takeaways for Switzerland:

  • M&A activity currently remains at a high level, mainly driven by mid-market deals
  • Large-scale transactions are getting more difficult owing to debt financing challenges linked to developments on the inflation front

Check out the blogpost to find out more about dealmaking developments in Switzerland and where we believe things are headed.

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“The current adversity isn’t all bad news. As valuations decline, deals could be a crucial factor in achieving strategic objectives, and could potentially generate healthy returns.”

Marc Schmidli Partner, Deals and Valuations Leader, PwC Switzerland

“Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines, but to reassess—even reset—M&A strategy. I expect to look back at 2022 to find the successful dealmakers of tomorrow who will be defined as those who boldly execute on their M&A goals today and overcome the current market challenges.”

Brian LevyGlobal Deals Industries Leader, Partner, PwC US

Industry takeaways - developing

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How about the situation in Switzerland? In the next few weeks our industry experts will be sharing their views and expectations of trends in Switzerland ‒ so stay tuned.