M&A Industry Trends in Switzerland

2023 outlook: conditions are challenging, but more reasonable valuations create opportunities for dealmakers with courage and a well-thought-out strategy

Is 2023 really the time for increased mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity? This may seem an outrageous question, coming after a sharp drop in both the volume and value of deals in the second half of 2022. Yet the short answer is: Yes, this could actually be a very good moment to consider a transaction. We believe this may be an opportunity for companies with courage, a well-thought-out strategy, and the financial wherewithal to make transformational deals — deals that will shape their business and contribute to their long-term success.

We expect the short-term economic outlook to stay clouded with global recession fears and rising interest rates. Thus, the deals market will remain subdued for the first half of 2023. But given the circumstances, C-suites and boards should overcome their natural misgivings and embrace M&A as part of their strategy. Indeed, some have already begun to open their wallets to capitalise on these opportunities and potentially set the foundation to leapfrog competitors.

The current challenging conditions, paradoxically, create once-in-a-decade opportunities, thanks to a reset in valuations, lessened competition for deals, and new assets coming to market — also from distressed situations — among other factors. Dealmakers need to address stakeholder concerns and win trust to get deals done. Borrowing is more expensive and harder to secure, but sophisticated investors will find creative ways to close deals. They will be the winners.

Some key takeaways for Switzerland:

  • M&A activity is currently at a high level, mainly driven by the strong mid-market environment.
  • Large-scale transactions are getting more difficult due to debt financing challenges related to inflation trends.

Check out the blogpost to find out more about dealmaking developments in Switzerland and where we believe things are heading to.

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“Restructuring and distressed M&A may grow and intensify in the near future. This will create opportunities to invest in or acquire companies with innovative business models and interesting technology at more reasonable valuations than previously possible.”

Marc Schmidli Partner, Deals and Valuations Leader, PwC Switzerland

“Doing deals in today’s climate is not for the faint-hearted. However, with the right strategy, business case – and courage – CEOs can put some meaningful distance between themselves and their competitors in the long term.”

Brian LevyGlobal Deals Industries Leader, Partner, PwC US

Industry takeaways for Switzerland - developing

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