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Transform your marketing and build more lasting and rewarding customer relationships.

Marketing leaders face a long list of challenges: From navigating the complex MarTech landscape and developing a robust marketing operational model to proving marketing’s impact to the business. The choices become clearer when you’ve defined a strategy that puts the customer first. 

Why choose marketing consulting from PwC?

As a marketing leader you need a sparring partner who not only knows what best-in-class marketing looks like, but who understands the full business context. We bring you the breadth of our network’s marketing knowledge and hands-on expertise to create meaningful change.

By coordinating the expertise of a community of solvers across our organisation ‒ in areas as diverse as marketing, business strategy, IT, data & analytics and legal ‒ we can help you make the right decisions throughout your marketing journey, from strategy to operations and performance measurement. An added benefit of this diversity of input is that it helps us see beyond boundaries and find better ways of doing things ‒ to the benefit of our clients.

With a successful marketing transformation of our own, unparalleled knowledge of our clients’ businesses, and our global network’s insights into marketing teams around the world, we are uniquely positioned to help you grow and make the right strategy-led choices.

How we help you to transform your marketing

Build more lasting and rewarding customer relationships 

With the help of our three core offerings you can make change real and lift your marketing to a new level.

We start by taking a good look together at the current state of your marketing and how it meshes with your overall business objectives. Do you need a (digital) transformation or merely an update? We don’t assume that everything always needs to be changed. A sound strategy will simplify your choices. Depending on your requirements, we can offer marketing strategy consulting addressing

  • (Digital) Marketing transformation strategy
  • Brand development strategy
  • Omni-channel campaign and paid media strategy
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) and sales enablement strategy
  • Social media and channel activation strategy

Once you’re sure of your strategy you need the right mechanisms to make it happen. We help you work out whether you have the right technology in place and the right people who know what they’re doing: a well-oiled machine that’s set up properly. This might include support with

  • Data-driven marketing budgeting
  • Team structures and agile ways of working
  • (Digital) marketing upskilling
  • MarTech review and implementation (CRM, CDP, marketing automation platforms)
  • Agency reviews
  • Campaign playbook and process definition

Is what you’re doing making an impact? Thanks to data, you can now prove it. By understanding, analysing and finding the right insights in your data, you’ll be able to confidently invest in what works, as well as convince key people ‒ including the CFO ‒ of the value of your marketing efforts.

  • Campaign and media performance audit
  • Social media channel audits
  • Attribution modelling and paid channel effectiveness
  • Marketing dashboards and reporting
  • Customer journey analysis
  • ROI calculation
  • Lead scoring
  • Social selling

How do we work? 

Our primary role is to help you manage the change ‒ from wherever you are now to a marketing organisation able to harness technology and human expertise to create customer-centric experiences that drive your sales and commercial impact.

Successful transformation has to be both human-led and tech-enabled. To achieve this we follow PwC’s unique BXT methodology. BXT involves bringing together fragmented business, customer experience and technology viewpoints so that everyone involved focuses on a single purpose and solution. It isn’t just a matter of buying in new technology. You also need people to design and lead the change: experts behind the scenes who know what they’re doing with the technology, and marketing specialists who see the bigger picture and can adapt to new ways of working.
We believe in transforming your marketing, but not as an end in itself. Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve full business impact in the form of increased revenues, reduced costs and customers who advocate for your products and services.

BXT marketing service pwc
Alliances Customer Centric Transformation

We are human-led but tech-powered

Our alliance ecosystem offers a new equation for better results

Your business transformation needs are the reason why we have developed strong alliances with some of today’s leading technology companies, like SalesforceMicrosoft et Adobe. By combining PwC’s know-how and experience with our partners’ technology, we can help you solve your most critical business issues. Whether your focus is on moving to the cloud, speeding up innovation, or transforming your business – PwC and our partners are here to assist you.

Learn more about our alliances

Your experts are ours too.

Mattias Eklund heads our own marketing department and together with his experienced team and our business consultants he helps you to transform your marketing. Get in touch with us to learn more about our unique combination of experts. 

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Start your Marketing Transformation with us.

PwC supports you in your entire transformation journey – from strategy and execution to platform implementation and integration. Make transformation real.

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