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    Take adavantage of new opportunities with a digital strategy

    Social media, e-commerce, mobile Internet - digitalisation is now a part of everyday experience. Tablets and smartphones have reoriented communications and consumer behaviour - and will continue to do so. This presents companies with new opportunities, but means their transition from a classic to a digital business model must be completed quickly, and above all, informed by the right strategy. PwC can act as your expert partner throughout this process. We can guide the digital transformation of your company, from the analysis phase through to the preparation and implementation of your strategy. Our work always has one clear objective in mind: the need to create sustainable value for your digital future.

    We will gladly present our comprehensive solutions for your business to you in person, and would be happy to hear from you.


    Our digital services

    • Digital Transformation
      Digital transformation affects all industries. PwC can help you to identify the changes and exploit the strategic opportunities.
      For this purpose, we have developed a dedicated service matrix linking all strategic and thematic areas of business.
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    • Business Technology
      Staying at the cutting edge and responding to rapidly evolving customer demands is more important than ever. Strategic planning, decisive implementation and total adaptability are the key building blocks for technology investments.
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    • Cyber Security
      Cyber attacks worldwide are a permanent threat for companies in all business sectors. We will actively support you in the development of comprehensive cyber and risk management systems.
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    • Data Analytics
      An abundance of digital channels is producing an ever-increasing flood of market- and customer data. Managing this stream is an immense challenge, which nevertheless offers rich potential. We will help you use this data to enhance your business processes.
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    • Industry 4.0
      Value chains are fully digitised, and real-time data exchange occurs across the entire chain. Thanks to these advantages, Industry 4.0 applications are becoming increasingly popular.


    Holger Greif
    Partner and Leader Digital Transformation, Zurich
    Tel: +41 58 792 13 86
    Roger Müller
    Director, Advisory Services
    Tel: +41 79 878 31 80

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    2015 Global Digital IQ® Survey - Lessons from digital leaders

    The 2015 Global Digital IQ® Survey identifies 10 critical factors that correlate with stronger financial performance. Digital IQ leaders were twice as likely to achieve more rapid revenue and profit growth.

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    Sensor solutions, cyber-physical systems, and the digital exchange of planning data with suppliers and customers: Industry 4.0 applications have arrived.

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