SIX Swiss Exchange Regulation Requirements

The Regulatory Board determines what information needs to be published so that investors can evaluate the characteristics of securities and the quality of issuers. The Directive on Information relating to Corporate Governance (DCG) of SIX Exchange Regulation, as well as the various circulars and communiqués, provide information on disclosure about Corporate Governance, which includes disclosure around compensation and shareholding programmes for members of executive bodies (Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Advisory Board).

The SIX Swiss Exchange Regulation requirements related to compensation include:

  • Disclosure requirements around the process of determination of compensation
  • Disclosure requirements around the substance of the compensation programmes
  • Disclosure requirements around method of calculations for remuneration disclosed

We have developed a simple scorecard including all SIX Exchange Regulation requirements regarding compensation and shareholding programmes. We use this scorecard in order to evaluate your current Compensation Report and to redraft it.

The relevant SIX Swiss Exchange Regulation documents underlying the scorecard are:

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