“We are the future. We want to shape it with you!”

Be yourself. Be unique. is our series broadcasting unique role models, sharing innovative ways of working and celebrating diversity within PwC Switzerland.

Inclusion – the key to successful diversity

We want to have a true team, a team in which all employees at PwC feel welcome and appreciated. Inclusion in this context means a working environment that encourages different points of view and welcomes the contributions of all employees, regardless of their gender, origin or sexual orientation. In such an environment, they will be able to grow both on a professional and a personal level. The basis for this is our Ethics Code; it creates the necessary trust. Moreover, it encourages a corporate culture that favours and embraces integrity, objectivity, work ethics and competence. 

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Every business line has its own diversity network of colleagues from different departments and levels. These networks tackle relevant topics in conjunction with Inclusion & Diversity. For example, the Tax & Legal network currently deals with the question of how we need to diversify our skillset in view of the steadily increasing use of artificial intelligence.

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Flexibility – because the future is flexible and agile

Our credo is: We give flexibility and expect it in return, so that we can create a win-win situation not only for our clients, but also for our employees and for PwC Switzerland. 

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Betina Balitzki

Betina Balitzki

Co-Lead Inclusion & Diversity and member of the I&D Council, PwC Switzerland

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Michal Corba

Senior Manager, PwC Switzerland

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