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Stay up to date on the latest developments in financial reporting under IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER by attending our events and webinars. 

Accounting standards are changing rapidly. They are becoming increasingly complex and present companies with new challenges. Our IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER experts understand the impacts of current and future changes in standards and can help you adapt your processes and reporting accordingly. 

Our events include financial reporting breakfasts, IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER intensive courses and webinars as well as industry-specific tutorials.

Register for our events and learn best practices and the latest standards in financial reporting. We also have the right event for you.

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IFRS Intensive Course

IFRS Intensive Course 2023

Does your company report in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or are you responsible for preparing the financial statements in compliance with IFRS? Is your company considering a move to IFRS? Or do you simply want to extend or to refresh your IFRS expertise? Then PwC’s intensive course on IFRS is right for you.


Swiss GAAP FER Intensivkurs

Swiss GAAP FER Intensivkurs 2023

Reservieren Sie sich den 27. und 28. Juni 2023 für das «Swiss GAAP FER Intensivkurs». An beiden Tagen bringen wir Sie als Profi in der Finanzberichterstattung auf den neusten Stand von Swiss GAAP FER. Das Seminar eignet sich sowohl für Mitarbeitende von Institutionen, die sich mit der Einführung von Swiss GAAP FER befassen, als auch für erfahrene Anwender, um ihre Kenntnisse aufzufrischen. 



Swiss GAAP FER Heime und Spitäler

Swiss GAAP FER Heime und Spitäler 2023

Als Verantwortungsträger von Spitälern, Privatkliniken, Heimen oder Aufsichtsbehörden wissen Sie: Transparenz in der finanziellen Berichterstattung ist ein absolutes Muss. Mit anschaulichen Fallbeispielen verbinden unsere Refereierenden an diesen beiden Tagen Theorie und Praxis. 


Previous events and webinar recordings

Financial Reporting Breakfasts 2021

Financial Reporting Breakfasts 2021

In November 2021, we offered a series of 90-minute breakfast events at local PwC offices as well as 60-minute webinars in English and German to give an update on Financial Reporting under IFRS and share our thoughts on best practice.

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Patrick Balkanyi

Partner and Leader Swiss GAAP FER, PwC Switzerland

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David Baur

Director and Leader Accounting Consulting Services, PwC Switzerland

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