Hybrid wealth management: blending digital and in-person

The wealth management puzzle: deep dive VI

Against the backdrop of technological advancements, geo-political and economic disruptions as well as an ageing population, the financial landscape is undergoing constant change, and wealth managers need to continuously evolve and adapt to changing client needs. Hybrid wealth management solutions have emerged as a response to these dynamics, and it seems that they’re here to stay.

This whitepaper sheds light on the emergence of hybrid wealth management models, combining the best of both worlds – digital and in-person. Requirements, success factors and challenges when it comes to retaining and attracting clients are highlighted through the perspectives of affluent individuals and HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet). At PwC Switzerland, we’re convinced that these client segments stand to gain significant benefits from hybrid wealth management.

Out of a broad range of solutions already on the market, two selected use cases demonstrate the huge potential but also the challenges that hybrid wealth management models entail in practice. Finding the right balance between digital and human interaction is key.

Embracing hybrid wealth management allows wealth managers to tap into the potential of added value with digital innovations and satisfy the demanding needs of affluent and HENRY client segments. This paves the way for a new value proposition beyond traditional wealth management.

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PwC's Wealth Management Insights Report 2022

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