PwC survey on gender medicine with a focus on cardiovascular diseases in women

Health: a matter of the heart

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in Switzerland for both women and men. But did you know that more women in Switzerland die from heart attacks than men? Or that women experience different symptoms than men during a heart attack?

To analyse awareness of gender medicine and cardiovascular diseases among the Swiss population, we surveyed 1,573 people aged between 18 and 79 from German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland.  Our survey, Health: a Matter of the Heart, shows that half of the participants didn’t know what gender medicine means. And only 27% were aware that the current number-one cause of death among women in Switzerland is heart disease. You can read the background to the actual figures in two interviews we conducted with female experts.

Survey: Health, a matter of the heart

At PwC, we’re convinced that we can work with you to address this problem together. Through this survey, we aim to draw attention to the lack of awareness about gender medicine, to stimulate discussion, drive the issue forward and encourage women in particular, but men as well, to talk openly about heart disease.

Philip Sommer

More education is needed in Switzerland. Large-scale campaigns should appeal to everyone: patients, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, health insurers and, ultimately, the general public.

Philip SommerHealthcare Advisory Leader at PwC Switzerland

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