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Welcome to our podcast series featuring the inspiring sessions from our One Insurance event held in May 2023.

One panel discussion revolved around the future of the insurance industry, addressing topics such as customer centricity, mental health, and digitalisation in an insurance and reinsurance environment as well as from the perspective of large corporations versus start-ups. We were honoured to welcome four experts from the insurance industry who discussed and shared their insights and expertise. The participants emphasised the importance of understanding customer needs and of making insurance as simple and comprehensible as possible.

The InsurTech panel discussion was held with former corporate professionals who have successfully established their own company in the insurance industry. Be inspired by their perspective on the insurance market and their experiences of working in large companies versus founding a start-up. 

Finally, we had the privilege of hosting Amy Finkelstein, a renowned professor at the world-class university MIT. We held discussions based on her recently-published book about why insurance markets fail. Amongst other topics, she particularly highlighted the selection problem within the insurance market.

Join us as we share these insightful conversations and get ready to be inspired.

Impressions from the One Insurance event

The One Insurance event 2023 fostered collaboration across different lines of business, strengthened the community, and serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking within the insurance industry. More than anything, it aimed to better equip PwC to serve our valued clients in the rapidly changing landscape of the insurance industry.

Take a look at how we hosted three insightful panel discussions featuring industry experts, thought leaders and a world-renowned professor from MIT, who shared their views on the future of insurance.

Listen to the lively debates and fruitful discussions in our podcast episodes where a diverse group of professionals discusses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the industry. 


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