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PwC's Legal Document Engine (Software)

PwC is transforming legal services with PartnerVine

Want to cut the cost and effort involved in drafting reliable legal documents?

PwC has become the first major legal service provider to offer a library of automated contracts and legal documents directly to the public on PartnerVine. It’s quick, easy, dependable and affordable.

What are we offering?

PwC's Legal Document Engine uses cutting-edge technology to help you generate your own, customised commercial agreements and corporate documents such as board minutes and resolutions.

It couldn’t be simpler: an intuitive questionnaire finds out exactly what you need and guides you through the drafting process. You can then export the finished Word document for further discussion and editing within your team as required.

What are the benefits for you?

Confidence and control

You have a standard document drafted by legal experts combined with the flexibility to fine-tune it to your needs.


Lower cost

Standardising more routine legal services frees up resources for specialist support when you really need it.

Quick and easy

The system eliminates a time-consuming step from the process of getting down to business.

Sound legal support

Benefit from the legal knowledge and contracting experience of PwC’s specialists.


Leading technology

The engine is powered by technology from Exari, the leading provider of enterprise contract lifecycle management solutions.


No commitment

Access only the templates you need, without any minimum subscription or fixed term. 

Contracts need not be long and complicated, but they do need to be in place and be rock-solid.

Philipp Rosenauer Head Regulatory Implementation Services, Legal, PwC Switzerland

How do you access the service?

Check out the PartnerVine platform for our online library of automated legal documents and Swiss-law templates – all for a fixed price. Work smarter and reduce costs.


Feedback welcome!

We at PwC are dedicated to innovation and the use of technology to improve our services, and endeavour to bring our clients quality end-to-end solutions. So if you have any comments on our automated contracts, please submit them here. We look forward to receiving your feedback!


Need more in-depth advice? 

We’re confident that this service will reduce the time and expense involved in producing standard documentation customised to your requirements. But in cases where the standard templates don’t fit your needs or you require specialist tax and legal advice in connection with a transaction, feel free to contact our experts.

Contact us

Dr. Günther Dobrauz

Dr. Günther Dobrauz

Partner and Leader Legal, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 14 97

Philipp Rosenauer

Philipp Rosenauer

Head Regulatory Implementation Services, Legal, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 18 56