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Team Development & Employee Motivation

High-performing, motivated teams – the dream of every organisation

Company performance will always depend on your top-performing people. So developing and maintaining the motivation of individuals and teams are two key issues that every company should address.

Although the basic principles of team organisation are well known, shortcomings in their implementation mean that many companies fail to realise the full potential of their teams.

A truly inspired team requires motivational leadership, and the first step in getting there is to communicate the principles of team organisation to your company executives. Managers can then cascade the message to subordinate levels, thereby rapidly translating theory into practical improvements in team performance and efficiency.

We can help you find the right strategy to motivate your employees and align your corporate culture accordingly. In addition, we can help you develop a performance management system and introduce innovative working methods that will improve performance and make your corporate goals easier to achieve.

Our Peak Performance Organisation services:

How does your company identify a high-performing team?

Using case studies and examples from other companies, we can show you the key features of high-performing teams and help you define and monitor your own performance standards.

How can you develop a high-performing team?

Firstly, we thoroughly analyse and assess the current situation. We then conduct workshops, which help teams understand the skills that each individual contributes. Finally, we explain how better coordination leads to better team performance.

What values are important to your corporate culture?

With PwC you gain the advantage of working with an experienced partner who can show you insights from other companies in your industry. Our workshops will help your managers define the values that are important to your company, and then communicate them at the team level. Moreover, we also encourage teams to define their own values and protocols for collaborative work. 

How can these values be implemented within your company?

Universal values are best communicated in team workshops for the appropriate organisational levels. In this environment, specific behaviours that personify those values can be identified and seamlessly integrated into daily business.  

Which performance management approach is right for you?

We can show you examples of innovative performance management and help your leaders develop their own performance management system. This includes tools that enable you to monitor and evaluate the development of your people.

What new approaches to work would boost the efficiency of your employees?

PwC can analyse the key performance dimensions of your business and show you how to target support in those areas. By using innovative practices aligned to your company’s needs, we can significantly improve the efficiency of your teams and individual workers. 

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Myriam Denk

Myriam Denk

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Adrian Jones

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