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Trust in Transformation

We make a clear promise – regardless of where you and your business currently stand.

Together we’ll find responses to questions around the transformation of your strategy, processes, technology and teams. Our conviction is that change is positive and constructive. On this basis we support you as a trusted partner – keeping a close eye on both the big picture and the details.

Trust in change

We humans like to place our trust in things we know. But progress is driven by the new and unfamiliar. COVID-19 was a reminder of this. Successful companies are those with a healthy blend of courage and confidence. That’s what’s meant by entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires two things: a clear yes to transformation, and the trust that it will succeed. We at PwC would like to encourage you to change, and trust that you will make this change work – together with your management, your people and partners like us.


Transformation Stories

In our transformation stories we look at the current process of change from different perspectives. These stories from people in the worlds of business, politics, society, culture and the arts illuminate the power of transformation to excite and inspire.

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Transformation is neither a necessary evil nor a digital threat. It’s a business superpower which you can use to move mountains – provided you trust in your own strength and ours.

Andreas StaubliCEO, PwC Switzerland

Transforming means moving ahead

Finance Transformation, Customer Centric Transformation, Sustainability, Upskilling and Cybersecurity are all at the top of the agenda for a decision-maker like yourself. We can support you through your transformation along the entire value chain. Or we can help in specific areas, from strategy to implementation.

Defining the CFO’s strategy and transforming finance

Every transformation starts with a clear vision. Where precisely you start in your role as CFO depends on where your organisation stands. Our team makes sure all the components of finance transformation mesh in all the relevant dimensions: people, processes and performance. And they help you foresee what developments await you tomorrow, in twelve months and in five years.

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Exciting, acquiring and retaining customers

Let us help you put your customers centre-stage. We use state-of-the-art digital solutions to facilitate your digital transformation. We bring a combination of technical knowledge and IT know-how to every turn in the customer journey. We create and implement transformation strategies and help ensure your people are equipped for the long term.

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Incorporating responsibility

What are the implications of climate change for your strategy? For your role as an employer or a player in sustainable finance? Our sustainability experts can advise you on all the issues around sustainable management. We’ll be there to support you with everything from strategy to implementing new regulatory, capital market and digital requirements. 

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Investing in the future

If you’re in the C-suite it’s your responsibility to create a workplace where everyone can participate. You need jobs and employment models that assure multiple generations' health and a work-life balance; you need leaders who coach their teams and a culture everyone can relate to. We show you how to find tomorrow’s talent today. 

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Building IT and cybersecurity

You’re charged with keeping systems, information and personal data appropriately secure. We’ll help you accurately assess cyber threats and make your IT systems more secure. We support you along the whole journey from strategy and design to implementation, combining technical expertise with specialist industry and functional know-how.

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Launch your transformation with us

We look forward to helping you master your challenges. Contact us.

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Julie Fitzgerald Wieland

Julie Fitzgerald Wieland

Partner and Leader Finance Transformation and Growth & Markets, PwC Switzerland

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Alexander Schultz-Wirth

Alexander Schultz-Wirth

Partner FS Technology Consulting and Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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Christophe Bourgoin

Christophe Bourgoin

Partner, Investor Reporting and Sustainability Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 25 37

Jose Marques

Jose Marques

Partner People and Organisation and Leader New world. New skills., PwC Switzerland

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Urs Küderli

Partner and Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 42 21

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