Bringing our best to Net Zero

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. It’s in the interests of everyone that we see systemic change that averts climate catastrophe and unlocks the potential of green growth. At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role to play in making that happen. And we’re determined to actively contribute to the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient global economy.

As part of our Corporate Sustainability strategy, our goal is to systematically reduce our own impact on the climate. In September 2020, we announced a network wide commitment to achieve net zero GHG emissions, with near-term science-based targets set for 2030 in line with a 1.5-degree scenario to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, as set out in the Paris Agreement. In July 2021, our near-term emission reduction targets were independently validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). At PwC we are aware, that tackling climate change not only requires a long-term strategy but also swift and decisive actions. Our near-term targets cover emissions across our whole value chain, including both direct and indirect emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3. Therefore, we decided to reduce our GHG emissions by 50% in absolute terms from 2019 levels. We continue to counterbalance our emissions through high-quality carbon credits, transitioning our carbon credit portfolio to 100% carbon removals by 2030.

Net Zero Journey PwC Switzerland

At PwC Switzerland, we have been calculating, managing and monitoring our carbon footprint since 2015. Over the past seven years, we’ve made great progress in advancing our Net Zero journey.
Since 2021, for example, our electricity needs are covered by renewable sources and we joined the global RE100 initiative.
Furthermore, we are actively participating in the dialogue on effective climate policy in Switzerland, for which we joined swisscleantech’s CEO4climate initiative. We have joined the largest public-private coalition to expand the market for high integrity carbon credits and protect tropical forests. And thanks to closing a service contract with the Swiss technology firm Climeworks AG, we will remove thousands of tons of carbon dioxide permanently from the atmosphere in the upcoming years. We continuously strive to further decarbonise the way we operate, to support our client’s Net Zero journey and to ensure that our services accelerate the transition to a green future.
As a founding member of the Net Zero Financial Services Providers Alliance - which means that we‘ll report on how our audit services are consistent with net zero goals - we're excited to help you reach your goals.

If you have questions on how to develop and implement concrete net zero plans and embed ESG across your organization, feel free to contact us. We're excited to help you reach your goals.

  • 2018

    Offsetting all air travel

    Our offset projects help to protect and restore landscapes, support socioeconomic development, invest in renewable markets or remove carbon from the atmosphere

  • 2020

    Committing to Net Zero with 2030 goals

    We've committed to a net zero pathway and have set near-term (2030) science-based targets for reducing our emissions in line with a 1.5-degree climate scenario.)

    With the help of our partner swisscleantech, we’re developing PwC Switzerland’s Net Zero strategy

  • 2021

    Powered by renewable electricity

    In all of our Swiss offices we're using 100% renewable electricity since 2021

    We've joined the global RE100 initiative

  • 2022-2030

    Drive decarbonisation

    We are expanding our sustainability reporting

    Until 2030 we will reduce our own emissions by 50% compared to 2019

    By decarbonising our supply chain, we will further decrease our overall emissions

    We will transition to carbon removals by 2030 with a balanced portfolio (LEAF coalition, Climeworks and EcoAct)

  • 2030

    PwC Switzerland reaching a milestone on its Net Zero pathway and achieves its SBTi-validated near-term emission reduction targets.

    Achieving our SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) target

  • After 2030

    Continue our journey to achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions.

    From 2030 onwards we will further reduce our emissions and eliminate the remainder of emissions through carbon removal projects.

Scoreboard Environment

Find out how we were performing in regards of our environmental ambitions

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PwC Switzerland’s small but impactful steps for a better environment

We are committed to building a more sustainable world. For this, we are focusing on three key areas that have the biggest environmental impact at PwC Switzerland. By systematically reducing our footprint through a variety of measures, we are taking important steps towards a Net Zero future at PwC Switzerland.

  • The Geneva office uses water from the lake for cooling and heating
  • Lighting and office equipment are used energy-efficiently, with light sources switched on and off automatically
  • Minergie sustainable building standards are applied wherever possible
  • Our Zurich staff restaurant is member of the WWF climate group and collaborates with Eaternity, reCIRCLE and Too Good To Go to create climate-friendly meals as well as fight plastic and food waste.
  • ‘Eco’ projectors and laptops with green label are used in our offices and we have a Climate-neutral postal service
  • Separate disposal of:
    • Paper and cardboard
    • PET recyclable plastic
    • Electrical waste and batteries
    • Residual waste, glass, aluminium and tin
    • Organic waste
  • We only use recycled paper in our printers, double-sided printing is standard and most documents are sent in digital format anyways
  • We donate technical office equipment and partnered with Stiftung AfB social & green IT for recycling of utilised laptops
  • Our travel policy states that business trips should only be made if the same purpose cannot be achieved by other means of communication. If we travel, we use environmentally-friendly means of transport whenever possible.
  • We reimburse half-price tickets to our staff for train journeys and offer preferential rates for car-sharing options
  • Our people and the environment benefit from flexible working arrangements and working from home
  • Meeting rooms with infrastructure for video conferencing in all offices
  • We have been supporting the Geneva start up BEES4YOU since 2015 by leading targeted local actions throughout the year. Our goal is to raise awareness among our staff and Swiss society about how important and irreplaceable honey bees and wild bees are. You find more about this project in our flyer: Honey from the rooftops of Geneva

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