Apprentices: ICT Platform Developer

Your apprenticeship as an ICT Platform Developer

This apprenticeship at PwC gives you the opportunity to work with different technologies and specialised experts within a complex business environment while having a great learning environment and motivated people helping you to successfully become an IT expert yourself.

We expect you to have a flair for technology and communication. We will make sure you gain a profound knowledge, and we will encourage you in your personal development. Because we’re not just looking for expertise, but also for team spirit, communication skills and a responsible attitude.

ICT Apprenticeship
Portrait Stefan Räbsamen

“Technology is constantly evolving, and an apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and continuously learn and grow in the field.”

Elias Medig, Technical Architect & Apprentice Manager

Your education, your benefits and our expectations

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Your graduation

Your training for this important profession will involve very focused preparation. During the four years that you’ll spend with us, you’ll rotate through different teams, get to know different technologies and work in different projects.

1st year

2nd to 3rd year

4th year

  • You are at the Zürcher Lehrbetriebsverband ICT (ZLI) (basic apprenticeship year)
  • You are part of different teams that focus on technologies, for example of our cloud operations team which focuses on all our cloud resources or our business automation team which takes care of processes automations using state-of-the-art technology.
  • You are part of different technology projects.
  • You evaluate and set focus on the area you want to write your final paper about.
  • You work in and with the team that will support you with your final paper.  

Your educational training

Your education as an ICT specialist will give you the right tools to dive into many different areas of the IT world.

You will focus on the technical part of becoming an expert in network services, security services, cloud operations and many other interesting fields of IT at the same time as always working with new technologies and focusing on providing the most value possible to your customers while keeping everything safe.

If you would like to focus more on the business side and the interdisciplinarity of IT, your broad technical knowledge will be your baseline to get into project management, business analysis and many other disciplines that play an important role in IT.

We also encourage you to do your vocational baccalaureate during the apprenticeship if you’d like to do so. This will give you the opportunity to study at a university of applied science where again you will have different career paths to choose from.

Your apprenticeship opportunities

A successful apprenticeship with PwC opens many doors. Of course, this assumes good performance during your time with us. If you are motivated and continue with your education, a wide world of opportunities will be open to you at PwC:

Discover further career opportunities.

You’re performing well and want to study at university?

You have several specialised education options.

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Apprentice Recruiter, PwC Switzerland

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