Apprentices: Services & Administration

Your apprenticeship in Services & Administration

During your apprenticeship in Services & Administration, you can expect access to a diverse and practical training in an exciting professional environment with great colleagues. 

This apprenticeship provides the best foundation for a career in the service and administrative departments of modern organisations. You can expect an extremely varied learning experience.

Your education, your benefits and our expectations

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Your graduation

Your training for this important profession will involve a very focused preparation. During the three years that you’ll spend with us, you’ll rotate through different departments.

Below we show you an example of how this rotation system can look like:

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

e.g Marketing

e.g. Human Capital

e.g. PR & Communications

Your educational training

After three years with us, you will become a business professional in "Services & Administration". If you are motivated and meet the requirements, you can then aspire to study for the Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions.
Your expertise will be gained directly through practical experience - therefore you will work and you learn in various departments. As our Swiss locations are sometimes quite diverse, your own learning path will always be a little different, depending on your particular location. But one thing will never change: the high-calibre education you receive. Our experienced vocational trainers from the various teams will accompany and support you along the way.

Human Capital

The primary reason for PwC's continued success is that we attract the best professionals. Therefore, the most important task for our Human Capital specialists is to optimise the PwC working environment so that this remains so in the future.


The aim of our marketing teams is to strengthen our brand and deepen customer relationships. Whether it's a major campaign brochure on a specific topic or a customer event, you will have to plan carefully, implement effectively, and accurately assess outcomes.

PR & Communications

Our PR team is responsible for the dialogue with stakeholders such as journalists or employees. This is achieved using a broad range of channels from the Intranet, via the press release, and also on social media.

Flexible placements

In order to offer you plenty of variety, "Service & Administration" learning is designed to be very flexible. Wherever possible, we give you experience of other areas of interest, for example, team working in our  Trusts department.

Your apprenticeship opportunities

A successful apprenticeship with PwC opens many doors. Of course, this assumes good performance during your time with us. If you are motivated and continue with your education, a wide world of opportunities will be open to you at PwC:

Discover further career opportunities.

You’re performing well and want to study at university?

You have several specialised education options.

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Contact us

Selina D'Ostilio

Apprentice Recruiter, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 49 99


Lena Romer

Apprentice Recruiter, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 49 99