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Our career webcasts

We launched our PwC’s career webcast series for you to have the possibility to learn more about PwC and our business. Watch the video recordings of our webcasts  and take the chance to deepen your knowledge about PwC and our business.

Get ready for your virtual interview

Do you want to get tips and tricks from our recruiters for your next virtual job interview? Then you are spot on here.

Watch our webcast video recording and get insights from our recruiters.

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Future of audit

Do you want to know PwC’s perspectives on how the audit profession is evolving?

In this webcast you’ll hear more about our vision of the future of audit and the journey of the auditor profession. We want to share insights and perspectives on how we can better meet the needs of our audit clients with innovation and emerging technologies and what you can expect from the audit profession in the future.

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Are you ready for the future of tax?

Digital technologies are moving out of the laboratory and into the real world. Their impact on business models across the economy will be dramatic. 

Tax authorities are investing in these same technologies which will deliver huge productivity increases over the coming years. As subjects of their supervision, we will feel the heat of this tax disruption. 

Watch our webcast recording for some examples of what authorities are doing, and what this means for tax professionals (and taxpayers!) of the future.

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LinkedIn, a key tool for your career

Do you want to get tips and tricks from our recruiters on how to set up and optimise your profile on LinkedIn? Then you are spot on at our webcast.

Watch our webcast recording and learn more about the opportunities LinkedIn offers you for your personal branding.

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Real-time analytics

Real-time learning and prediction is a field of machine learning which aims at learning streaming data and making inference on predictions in real-time.

Watch our webcast recording and listen to the discussion about some of the current methodologies that have impacted the field and give a few examples of real-world problems with a software called signifAI.

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Be well, study well

At PwC, well-being is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy balance. Do you want to get tips and tricks on how to study well, and check your energy balance? Then you are spot on at our webcast.

Watch our webcast recording and get insights from our Be well, work well programme manager.

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Tips and tricks for your student life and stories about life at PwC.

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