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Eight steps to help you switch off


Holiday season is here and for the majority of us this means enjoying a break from school and/or work. However, there’s more to “switching off” than simply having “time off” which is why we listed eight tips and tricks for you to minimise distractions and go into that airplane mode:

  1. Charge your phone outside the bedroom
    We know that’s a tough one to begin with. However, investing in an alarm clock will spare you the stress of catching up with all the notifications before folding back the blanket.

  2. Get an app to measure your daily digital dose
    Install an app that measures your daily screen time, your phone pick-ups and your most used apps. Use apps such as Moment,oOff time or the preinstalled smartphone tools like screen time.

  3. Go offline for twelve straight hours every day
    Even though it sounds like much, it is not! Try to watch some TV or read without having your phone nearby and then go to sleep without checking it. Promised twelve hours will fly by like nothing.

  4. Go greyscale
    Fading down the colours on your display to grey shades gives us more control over where we direct our attention to.

  5. Turn off all notifications except those from your social contacts
    Did you notice? Most notifications that we receive are generated by machines, not actual people. Those apps want you to engage, but with turning off unnecessary notifications, you’re one step ahead of them.

  6. Set time for monotasking each day
    At least once every day, try to focus on doing just one thing at a time. You can start small and treat yourself to reading one article or abstract without interruptions.

  7. Define digital free zones and times
    Set boundaries to the increasing digital penetration of our daily life. Holiday time with company is perfect for “no phone” gamification: the first one checking the phone provides breakfast the morning after!

  8. Have a Digital Detox Day
    For a full day each week, do not make use of any digital devices and screens. It will soon become a well-loved weekly ritual!

Sounds complicated? Remember, that you can start slowly. Take one step at a time and see how easy it will become.