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How Eléonore applies the skills she learned from yoga in Financial Audit


Yoga taught Eléonore to keep working until she achieves her goal. Read on to discover how she applies skills she learned from yoga at work.

What triggered you to start practicing yoga?

I’ve been practicing yoga for three years. I started after a long period during which I was injured and couldn’t work out. I thought yoga would help me physically and mentally, to handle stress better. It was a challenge because I knew nothing about it and wasn’t flexible. I joined a neighbourhood class and practiced at home. After a few months, I was hooked.

How does yoga influence your daily life?

Yoga helps me build strength and improves my posture. It teaches me to be aware of my body and learn to listen to it. It helps me focus on the present moment, which reduces anxiety.

It gives me peace of mind and makes me feel happier and grateful for the positive things in my life. After practice, I feel at peace and energised, ready to face new challenges.

Practicing yoga taught me to be patient, to set targets and keep working until I achieve my goal. It has become a lifestyle.

How do you apply the skills you learned from yoga at your job in Financial Audit?

I apply many skills I learned from yoga at work: how to remain calm in difficult situations but also not to panic when things get tough, and how to work hard but also to listen to my body and take time to relax and sleep.

In Financial Audit, I know that focus and persistence are rewarded with steady progress. A current objective of mine is to complete the Swiss CPA next summer. Then I will have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge supporting a wide range of Swiss clients from various industries. This will give me first-hand experience and help me gain a long-term view of my career, such as where I would like to specialise later.

The people on my team are open-minded, confident, and from many different cultures. We rely on each other’s abilities and I’m sure this makes me a better and trusted member of my team in Financial Audit