Changing Lines: Mirco's volunteering experience

Changing Lines is our key talent programme that gives managers and senior managers the opportunity to work in an entirely different setting (i.e. mental health institution) for five days. The real-life circumstances in the unusual context provide a perfect learning situation. This is Mirco’s story.

Tell us more about this opportunity

PwC offers their senior staff a SeitenWechsel, a one-week work assignment in a social institution to test and build soft and leadership skills.

I chose to work for WTL Werk- und Technologiezentrum Linthgebiet, a non-profit organisation that helps people in their professional and social integration, where I supported the JobBus team in their daily business.

Why did you make this choice?

I have always wanted to work in an entirely different setting, to find out how I deal with real-life circumstances in an unusual context and how my leadership skills can be applied there. The reason why I chose WTL JobBus, was because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone by working outdoors and physically with people from a different background than the people, I am usually surrounded by.

Name: Mirco Stoffel

Function at PwC: Senior Manager working for PwC Technology

NGO where you volunteered: WTL Werk- und Technologiezentrum Linthgebiet

Dates of the journey: 10 - 14 August 2020

What activities did you carry out?

I worked alongside with the clients of the WTL and did garden maintenance, gardening, landscaping, removals or clearances and waste disposal. For instance, I loaded the van and drove it many times to the recycling centre, where we disposed several tons of waste. In addition to this, and mainly because of the very hot weather situation, we supported the Seidenhof Brocki in their storage clean-up and with clearance activities.

One word you’d use to convince someone to do something like this, and why?

“Grounded” - it helped me to stay grounded and to put my own problems into perspective.

What have you gained from it?

It was a great experience from a personal and professional perspective. I learned how it felt to work in a non-profit organization, I learned more about our social institutions and how hard it is to get out once you’re in; and most importantly, I talked to people, listened to their problems and made a real contribution to a social project.