Swiss edition:
‘26th Annual Global CEO Survey‘

Staying future focused in the present crisis

From CEO to CEO

What is currently on our minds as CEOs and what will keep us on our toes in 2023? We asked these and similar questions to CEOs worldwide in our '26th Annual Global CEO Survey'.

It is clear that our focus is on multi-layered crisis management strategies: the aftermath of the pandemic, war in Ukraine, energy and labour shortages, supply bottlenecks, inflation and rising interest rates. These topics are not new. What is new however is that everything takes place at the same time and reinforces each other.

How do we CEOs meet these challenges? Find out in the latest edition of the CEO Survey.

I wish you an enjoyable and informative read.

Andreas Staubli
CEO, PwC Switzerland

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Our findings summarised


We’re currently facing a plethora of challenges, such as the aftermath of the pandemic, war in Ukraine, energy and labour shortages, supply bottlenecks, inflation and rising interest rates. Switzerland’s inflation, interest rates and government debt are still relatively low by international standards. That’s why Swiss CEOs are more optimistic than our international colleagues.

'CEOs are doing their homework and adjusting cost and supply chain structures and pricing. While strategically staying on course.'

Reto Brunner, Partner, Advisory, PwC Switzerland

Transformation and collaboration

There’s nothing new about business looking to science and start-ups for inspiration regarding innovation and transformation. Increased collaboration with other established companies in related industries on new and more holistic products and services shows the importance of ecosystems and customer centricity. In the survey, we include a special focus report on customer transformation as one of the biggest changes of our time.

'Switzerland is characterised by an exceptional experience of stability, both economically and personally. As a result, confidence remains high even in difficult times.'

Andreas Pratz, Partner, Head of PwC Strategy& Switzerland


The shortage of qualified and talented workers is worsening. Although there’s no ready-made solution to the problem, we do have some powerful tools to deal with it. We can access new talent and capable employees by encouraging more women to join the workforce. Moreover, upskilling programmes are an excellent way of developing employees. 

'CEOs must lead the debate on the importance of strategic workforce planning and HR as a business enabler.'

Myriam Denk, Partner, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland


Companies are reducing their carbon emissions, developing more climate-friendly products and processes. Many have made net-zero commitments and claim to meet the legal and regulatory requirements. We’ve included a short focus report to define greenwashing and explain how to recognise and avoid it.

'Current world events are only a temporary distraction from decarbonization.'

Craig Stevenson, Partner for Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Switzerland

Survey participants

This study is based on PwC Global’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey, which was conducted in November 2022. A total of 4'410 CEOs were surveyed in 105 countries around the world, including 95 in Switzerland. Global sampling was weighted according to national gross domestic product (GDP) to make sure that the views of the CEOs in the important regions of the world were fairly represented.  

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