China: The 3rd resolution and common prosperity

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After 1945 and 1981, the CPC published its 3rd resolution this month. Reason enough to look closely, because this resolution is a blueprint for China's future. Common prosperity is both keyword and strategic goal of the 3rd resolution, and it calls on private enterprises to develop charity and other social projects. What are the implications for foreign investors? What will the future tax regime look like? PwC’s assessment provides insight.

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Assessment index

  • Part I: The 3rd resolution
    On 16 November 2021, China officially published the Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party over the Past Century. This is the 3rd resolution, following the first one in 1945 and the second in 1981. What’s your summary of this important document?
  • Part II: Common prosperity and 3rd distribution
    What’s common prosperity? How is it related to “3rd distribution”?
  • Part III: China gift and inheritance tax
    What are the impacts of the 3rd distribution in practice?
  • Part IV: Impacts on foreign investors
    Will real estate taxes be introduced to achieve “common prosperity”?


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