Do you have a recipe for scaling your data and analytics capabilities globally?

The global footprint of Data & Analytics

The global footprint of Data & Analytics
  • May 17, 2023

Build trust in data

To achieve this in today’s complex and connected economy requires a strategic and global approach to data management and operations.

In our whitepaper we focus on the strategic positioning of D&A resources around the world via nearshoring and offshoring. This allows your company to benefit from lower salary bands abroad, while solving the demographic barrier of recruiting the required talents via a global talent pool. Our analysis indicates that an intelligent combination of nearshoring and offshoring seems to benefit companies the most because it allows for proximity of analytics capabilities to business stakeholders while bridging corporate culture gaps and optimising costs.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must think beyond just deploying D&A capabilities abroad; they must also consider a strategic approach to ensure quality, efficiency, and thus, success.

Our whitepaper tackles the following questions

  • How can you ensure that your analytics capabilities keep up with the needs of your business?
  • Where do you find the best resources for highly complex and critical D&A tasks?
  • In which country should you invest to sustain your competitive edge in D&A? 
  • Considering your current platform setup, what tasks can be moved abroad and how does this change processes?

To address these questions, we studied the 60 largest companies in the DACH area to establish our D&A outsourcing framework. Furthermore, we have identified the best-suited nations for D&A nearshoring and offshoring. This was achieved by researching the 60+ most advanced countries in terms of digital talent. Thereby, we compared their capacity to generate high-quality D&A related output, like dashboards and prediction models, to the annual wage companies can expect to pay. This allowed us to derive a score that provides insights into the quality of work that can be expected for a given fee in each country.

The value of outsourcing D&A operations

While D&A is a great tool for businesses, implementing it comes with challenges such as high costs and the difficulty of finding the right person in light of global demographic shifts.


We look not only at the obvious factors for data and analytics outsourcing, we also go beyond: 
Talent access

Tackling the talent shortage of key skills by accessing a global talent pool. 

Scale effects

Expanding data operations quickly and balancing operational demands while using resources cost efficiently. 

Cost benefit 

Lowering costs of D&A operations by relocating resources to countries with lower salaries. 

Focus alignment

Keeping key analytics resources close to business functions and establishing transparency where data is being processed.

“Data and analytics skills combined with cultural awareness are key for a global digital world.”

Britta GrossPartner, PwC Switzerland

How to get your people working on the ground in nearshore or offshore locations

We found three distinct ways that businesses adopt to establish their outsourced D&A operations, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How to get your people working on the ground in nearshore or offshore locations

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