Digital transformation of your systems and business processes is just the first step

How can we continuous business process performance?

Peter Blank
Director Analytics & Automation
PwC Switzerland

Digital transformations have drawn a lot of resources in organizations, yet often fail to live up to their initial expectations. While a strong focus is given to data migrations and the reengineering of business process blueprints, the necessity of a holistic, continuous business process management is underestimated. Using a more business centric approach to digital transformations, PwCs 'Process Control Tower' allows for an End-to-End management of business processes at all relevant stakeholder levels.

Our process control tower 

To make your digital transformation investments in new systems, processes and cleaned up master data worthwhile, a data driven, quantitative approach in managing your digital business landscape is imperative. Leveraging Process Mining at its core, PwCs Process Control Tower enables function wide, data driven process steering, reporting and execution management guiding the organization from data to decision making.

By using a business centric data layer, stakeholders at all relevant levels of the organization are being supplied with tailor made information to their role. Establishing a reporting layer on top drives consistency that enables active process steering and a quantitative approach to process optimization.

Using the Process Control Tower, we can tie operations back to company strategy and understand how every single transaction works towards or against a set of common goals. Equipped with the Control Tower, organizations can quickly understand and weigh conflicting goals to ensure that the right priorities are being followed.

Making your process executions measurable and transparent enables timely steering of your process to prevent problematic process behavior from surfacing in the first case, e.g., you can automatically advise on vendor selections, dunning procedures or delays of orders for scheduled maintenance.

PwCs Process Control Tower will provide you with:

  • A feedback loop from strategic goals to operations and back
  • Tracking and monitoring of process execution, including alerts
  • Stakeholder, grade centric and ad-hoc reporting
  • Process steering and execution management
  • In depth dashboards for root-cause identification
  • Clear escalation paths
  • A unified, business centric data layer

"With the Process Control Tower, PwC will provide you the necessary support to capitalize on your digital transformation journey by managing your business processes in a smarter, digital way."

Peter BlankSenior Manager Data Transformation & Analytics, PwC Switzerland

Key take-aways 

PwCs Process Control tower allows you to capitalize on your digital transformation investments, by providing a holistic, function wide monitoring, steering and execution management capability. Using the Process Mining methodology, we provide you with the means to create a feedback loop between your strategy and operations, while continuously improving your business process execution.


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