Disclose 31

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In the spotlight: sustainable management

Issue 31, 2020

Sustainable planet or sustainable profits? What if we didn’t have to choose?

Sustainability and climate change are becoming the lens through which the world judges a business. In this issue of Disclose we look at how organisations can embrace the myriad aspects of sustainability − not to avoid being made the scapegoat for all manner of environmental ills, but to capitalise on the new opportunities arising from this growing global reality.

As you read, I invite you to take a step back. From the perspective of a corporate ‘ecologist’ it’s not just about how a single ecosystem functions, but how different business ecosystems interact. It’s our belief that the successful enterprises of the future will be those that see and harness the connections.

Let’s join the dots!
Alex Astolfi

Alex Astolfi, Member of the Management Board, Leader Assurance PwC Switzerland

Alex Astolfi
Member of the Management Board,
Leader Assurance, PwC Switzerland



In our Spotlight pieces we look at the issue "Sustainable management" from different standpoints and perspectives.



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