Disclose 33

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In the spotlight: Fast World, Slow Culture

Issue 33, 2022

How people keep pace with technologies

Dear readers,

100 metres in 9.63 seconds – now that’s quick! Nobody’s been able to beat Usain Bolt’s record. But in the working world, speed is relative – to the market, the competitors and progress. The latter is happening at a pace that we humans can barely keep up with. 

In Disclose no. 33, we focus on the relationship between development and implementation. We want to know why we’re hesitant to shift from linear to circular ways of acting. Why ESG reporting isn’t progressing as quickly as climate change demands. Why cyber hackers are often one step ahead. And why we’re keeping our finger on the pulse with clouds and bitcoins.

Take the time to go through this Disclose – it’s worth the read.

Alex Astolfi

Alex Astolfi, Member of the Management Board, Leader Assurance PwC Switzerland

Alex Astolfi
Member of the Management Board,
Leader Assurance, PwC Switzerland



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