Investing into Switzerland

What do you need to know?

Besides the stable economic and political environment, Switzerland offers many advantages, such as efficient banks, an extremely good infrastructure and a high standard of living. In addition, the country in the heart of Europe has close links with foreign markets, making it an ideal base for foreign investors. 

The guide "Investing into Switzerland " provides you with a general overview of all aspects you need to know when considering investing into Switzerland. 


The investment guide provides answers to the following topics

In a short overview, you will receive a brief introduction to the most important facts about Switzerland: where it is geographically located, which languages are spoken, and what is Switzerland’s involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Switzerland offers a variety of legal structures for business. We introduce you to the different legal structures and show you what you need to know as a foreign investor when setting up a new company.

In addition, we offer you an overview of the Swiss tax and social security system and outline what you need to be aware of when relocating to Switzerland.

The acquisition or purchase of real estate in Switzerland by foreign persons is generally subject to authorization. Learn who needs to obtain permission, which properties can be acquired by foreign citizens and/or investors, and how this process works.

Annual wages in Switzerland seem at first glance rather high. It is however important to note that social and tax costs for employees as well as holiday entitlements are lower than in other Western European countries. On the other hand, weekly working hours in Switzerland regularly are higher thus the total labour costs per hour are often even lower than in other Western European countries. 

One of the most important subjects for companies is ensuring legal compliance. Learn more about how Switzerland is combating economic crime and what lessons have been learned from prior real-life cases involving Chinese companies.

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