Payroll Outsourcing Study 2024

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  • 17/04/24

Payroll is a critical process for businesses. A successful payroll operation supports efficient processes, ensures compliance, and fosters employee satisfaction and trust. However, in a world of dynamic transformation and evolving legislation, reporting duties, work mobility and other such factors, many companies in Switzerland ‒ especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SME ) ‒ face challenges and concerns regarding their employer obligations, payroll system and processes. The survey shows that there is significant demand and potential for payroll outsourcing in Switzerland, as well as a need for improvement and innovation in existing payroll operations and processes. However, there are also some barriers and risks that need to be addressed and overcome by both employers and providers of payroll solutions.



of the surveyed aren't fully satisfied with their current payroll system.




of the surveyed haven't an internal back up solution for their payroll operation




of the surveyed feel that the complexity of payroll increased since Covid as they offer remote work


Executive summary

In a multifaceted payroll landscape that is constantly evolving, organisations need to understand the current challenges so that they can adopt the right strategies and technologies to succeed in the future. We therefore recommend that employers carefully evaluate their payroll needs and options. For their part, external payroll providers should be offering tailored and flexible solutions that will continue meeting the expectations and requirements of their clients in this evolving landscape.

Armed with the insights presented in this report, organisations are encouraged to revisit their payroll strategies, explore innovative solutions, and adapt to the changing dynamics of the business environment.

Diverse challenges

Organisations face diverse challenges ranging from system support issues to the complexities of digitalisation and varied employment structures. Understanding these challenges is paramount to crafting targeted solutions.

Payroll outsourcing an option

There is a growing awareness of alternative approaches to payroll management; a significant proportion of respondents are considering payroll outsourcing, motivated by factors including cost savings, efficiency and software maintenance costs.

Only one-third of respondents are satisfied with their current payroll system. The prevailing dissatisfaction is mainly due to the necessity of manual entries, inefficiency and lack of support from their system provider.

Balancing team sizes

The range of payroll team sizes revealed by the survey reflects a delicate balancing act, with organisations navigating the complexities of payroll with teams ranging from a few dedicated specialists to more extensive operations.

Data security concerns

The emphasis on data security and privacy underscores the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information in an era marked by increasing digitalisation and remote work arrangements.

The main arguments in favour of outsourcing are seen as cost savings, expertise, efficiency and the fact that the payroll software is hosted and maintained.

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